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Vijay Feb 21
reings return
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Mfonobong .A. Etim 2h
Replying to @PeytonRoyceWWE
I will be happy to witness is Return for good welcome Reigns
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Kirt Veer Ahir 2h
My superhero has come back. Now come to have fun wwe
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squirrel Feb 22
disclaimer ! william with reinvented the first reinvention of reinvention that was invented be orthodox who reinvented reinvention of and and your not made of clay ! = true = 0
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WWE Axxess Feb 21
Understandably a lot of fans are happy about Roman being on but everyone needs to calm down because all reports are stating he is at the very least three months away from returning to action.
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nancymcdougall2030 Feb 16
Replying to @nancymcdougall6
The Roman Catholic Church is NOT Catholic
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Parag Feb 21
Replying to @WWERomanReigns
I m big fan of u please reply me / just for u I m on Twitter
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अ.हक 1h
God doesnot punish one for the Sin of others. Its irrational illogical and injustice. God is all Powerful if wants to forgive he forgives and doesnt need to live in creations womb for 9 months and get humiliated by disbelievers. Its hijack of
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Kumar Msd Manas Feb 21
Yeah.....Yeah......Yeah Can't Express My Emotions
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Kumar Roshan Feb 21
have confirmed that Reigns will return on Monday Night on February 25💪😍
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reign return
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Carlos Feb 20
Replying to @_CarlosRSL
1) Bellona, a Veles. Veles (pl.) were the skirmisher troops from the Roman Republic, drawn from the roman lower classes Their shining moment was during the battle of Zama, when they routed Hannibal's elephants at the beggining of the battle
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videochinatv Feb 19
Replying to @videochinatv
Nestled deep in woods are villa-like buildings in different architectural styles from different times in history. This is the Colorful Stone Building 花石楼 in the area. It has a Gothic architecture style, with and features.
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Blowing bubbles like a
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Dei ra Feb 20
The either side of bridge. Slap bang in the middle of the Kingdom of which takes its name from the river, meaning "people of the Derwent". Possibly also gives its Latin name to Malton (Derventio)
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Sue Brunning 57m
Day 4 : Astonishing parade at in Straubing, . This small museum has *magnificent* collections from to and beyond. It’s slightly off the usual track but *utterly* worth the diversion.
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Milan Pandit 23h
Return to raw@wwe big dog Roman reigns# Reigns
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Bury St Edmunds Cake & Bake Club 36m
Bakers...our next & club meeting has been released and it has a twist! Find our group on & come & get baking in & surround!
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Gareth Harney Feb 21
I love these smaller, human details on ancient sites: tethering points cut into columns outside the macellum of Jerash, for shoppers to secure their horses. Also steps up from the street to the high curb, for riders to easily mount and dismount. Jerash (Ancient Gerasa)
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