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Rie Takeda Aug 21
➰Work in progress In Hokkaido, Japan Time flies! I’ve been doing lots of research about Ainu Art & analyzing the patterns & the complexity. Lots of symbolisms are attached together. Still happily in progress..
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Rie Takeda Sep 11
➰As I am back in Europe, Am missing those creative process at my summer atelier in Hokkaido. Looking forward to developing them further and fine tuning soon. Some “work in progress” snaps here➿
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Rie Takeda Sep 7
➰Now and Zen” Photo series “Nap・転た寝” Hokkaido, Japan 2019 Found in my grandparents Shinto alter.
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Rie Takeda Oct 14
➰One of my “Painted Poems 絵詩Series ‘キミノタメ Only for your good’ Don't you worry All the good things and Bad things come around Only – because you need them So don't worry Sumi ink&Gouache on paper, 70x90cm 2011
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