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Millennial Make, Do, and Mend 20h
Replying to @MillennialMDM
Now they are upset Airbnb is cracking down on party houses as they wanted to have parties in “at least 2 or 3 different cities” to celebrate getting their degrees.
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abram 2h
Replying to @jeromilandreil
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MattTrimble Nov 13
Apparently the rich can't even crash the way the rest of us do!
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Adam 11 21h
Raise your and hand (heart) if your face on the Gl•bal Entry ID card is stretched. Those jerks.
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G679 Nov 17
Replying to @CNN
can’t relat
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zabby Nov 12
It’s ! Pour that shit all over you like it’s confetti! I’m standing here using a bar of soap that our family all uses 🤣
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Hosey 163 Nov 10
people's snapchats no longer take up my full phone screen because it is lonk :(
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Adrian V Nov 16
Replying to @ewarren @taylorswift13
Kind of hard to relate to a multi millionaire pop star...
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Muneeb Nov 18
Where there is a will, there is a stepmother trying to get into it. Sam Carrington
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Nathalee Nov 14
I want the nats World Series phone case with the confetti but they don’t sell it for the 11 pro 😭😭😭😭😭 I can finally say jk lol still broke
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Boss Hog Nov 14
Christian Kirk or Chris Godwin? PPR
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DiscoFever Nov 12
Pretty lame you sue your own employee to CYA!!
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👷🏼‍♂️Sonny🔥🥩🇺🇸 Nov 15
Replying to @Kazeem
I know, but how will she be able to support her family?
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Jim Biggs Nov 11
Replying to @MrJayMorrison
Good problems lol
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Brittney ♡ Nov 11
Why has nobody called ACS on Layla daddy? That child needs a whole psych evaluation
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Josynne Claire Nov 16
i didnt notice, i was hooked at the book., poor eyes hehehehe
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Alex Hitchens Nov 14
Replying to @kwophy
The rich kids are in town.
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Shelby Shelby 💛☕️ Nov 12
Replying to @disney__tasthic
This episode is legit making me crack up.
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H. Nov 16
Bro. These hoes really tripping about giving kids candy at a party. Like Tf?
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Amy Rose 💔 Jags Nov 14
I don’t understand her situation at all. Is this or are they doing something to her they are now allowed to do? Serious question.
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