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The Corporatist 2h
Replying to @EWErickson
Why are MAGAs so eager to forgive the sins of anyone waving confederate flags and swastikas, but no one else?
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E G Young 6h
Replying to @nytimes
Duh!! I hope they have a plan for every contingency. Why make it sound so sinister?
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Jen 🇺🇸patriotic progressive🇺🇸 Aug 18
Who is this Eric Erickson person?
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Mark Kahn 15h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Wait, how come you've stopped citing Rasmussen as your preferred poll?
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Anette Larner Aug 18
Btw why are we not talking about Trump's comment about how the US is "protecting" Denmark? How is that relevant to his grand real estate plans and possibly/maybe visit to Denmark?
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Boxers & Ballers Aug 19
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Gram Aug 18
How long's it really take to get your shit together?
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Afrocks Aug 18
Afrocks stylists out here leading by example 👸🏿 How fly does Stylist Kourtney look with her finger coils ❤ Visit her profile for booking (West London
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AK (ಠ_ಠ) Aug 12
Replying to @sportsbetcomau
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Don Shetterly Aug 16
Would life continue to exist if we didn’t have social media?
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Anthony AV 15h
Replying to @JoyAnnReid
Only at the point at which the president is a democrat.
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gmo 15h
Hey were you hit with the stupid stick. You forgot about the years of led by the .
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Edna Caroline Aug 18
I wonder .. any CIA operatives on this matter ?
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The Captain Aug 16
Is there a better sound than a horse at full gallop?
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blue 🌊 rant 🧢 2019 Aug 12
Replying to @Team_Mitch @yashar
Does anyone support Mitch who isn't paid?
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Hugh Terry Aug 15
Replying to @RepublicStaff
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Kimberly 🌸 Aug 14
Replying to @seanflanagan43
Gee. I wonder what kind of gun this week’s mass shooter is using to terrorize the American population?
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z tuck Aug 18
Funny isn’t it, tells to “shut up and dribble” but doesn’t seem to have an issue with this clown. Wonder why?
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Lynne A 💙 Aug 16
Replying to @KatelynTweeter
A false notion that abortion kills children. Actually a looney notion. Do you quake in fear & shame that 50% of fertilized eggs - zygotes - don’t even implant and are passed out of women’s bodies?
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Gordon Nodrog Aug 17
If reality is a shared construct, why do so many of us share the wrong one?
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