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anbudan BALAஎ.அ.பாலா 18h
Replying to @AmmU_MaanU
2/ President's rule will be if all 3 parties show purpose & unity. As soon as possible, a formal letter, with regard to coming together & desire to form d Govt, must be sent to d Governor & President. If not revoked(unlikely) SC can be approached
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Yates 9h
Replying to @CRJames14
Better hold to this gif, because you won’t be able to hold on to that trophy for much longer.
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Keprunited8 Oct 15
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Joanna Cherry QC Mar 21
Last year the fought the UK Govt to get ruling that could be unilaterally . Thanks to us the UK has a lifeline.Sign this petition & tell ⁦ to take it 👇⁩
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keevs Jun 11
Replying to @petty_colada
black southerner card
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彡[ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡 Jan 8
Replying to @PandaHelperVIP
just now
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• Rach • Jan 19
I stay going out of my way for people who don’t do the same for me. My time isn’t your luxury anymore.
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Jerm ™ Feb 26
Actually don’t go to Paolo
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Kindness matters 🌹👄💋🍸🍸🦋 Oct 19
Sadly this catastrophic agonising Brexit has been prolonged due to the charlatans scheming against the law of the land time and again It should have been as soon as it was known about the corrupt VoteLeave campaign.
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Anika Oct 18
Tender to import to by Pakistani Wildlife authorities 🙌🏼 & all other imports of exotic animals
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Mikee Parker Oct 13
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AndZ May 24
Replying to @antelava
The ref was corrupt and disenfranchised people. It should be
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Chief Mike Walker Dec 14
Replying to @NYCEMSwatch
His Certification should be permanently immediately!!!
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Poppa Large Nov 9
Bro you told lonzo ball was good.
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WILL BE ! For The Benefit Of the United Kingdom and Millions Of People Who Would Suffer Otherwise. U.K. is as Part of Let’s
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Allison Poehling 🍀 May 13
Replying to @OscarMartinsson
one day as a blue badge and you cant even follow proper corpsec rules?
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Prof. Dan Parsons 🇪🇺 🌏💧🛰🌊 Oct 3
Replying to @FloodSkinner
You were spotted not wearing slippers..... 😂
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Joyce Feb 4
Replying to @theycallmejoyce
They send us to jail enough and y’all are going voluntarily????
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Jobeena Feb 25
Replying to @jax_persists
The delegation forfeits any trade. Just take em. We. Dont. Want. Them. Their cards have been permanently
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Andy Jul 17
PFFF my school just got my AP scores, cant wait to have my admission ✌🏽🤪
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