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Marlon Hurd 2m
On average, you’ll need $1.8 Million to retire somewhat comfortably. What’s your plan...Not sure? What I have: A plan for you What it does: Participate in the profits of $50 Billion What to do next: DM me now!
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Marc Accetta 4h
You will retire from a job, but you will never retire from your PURPOSE.
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Make Your Will Jul 18
Why women had no idea their state pension age was rising
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Vince Rupnow Jul 18
Replying to @BernieSanders
You are crazy.
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TheRealPep 10h
Replying to @GCTigerTracker
Maybe it’s time for you to jump camp and become BrooksTracker pal.
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Raised by Wolves 21h
Cummings erupts at Trump's DHS chief please ⁦
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Hersh Stern 4h
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SB Jul 18
Replying to @jeremycorbyn
Damn!!! I got excited, thought you were going to use the BiG Rs or
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Solomon king 8h
Replying to @SenSanders
bernie hates america too, americans just don't know it yet. you should with your dirty hillary money and stop ruining this country.😆😆😆
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Zoopla 12h
BREAKING: These are the MOST popular popular places to retire in the UK:
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Family RV Group 11h
Ready to ? Do it comfortably! - Electric fireplace - Spacious kitchen- large counter space with sink and stove covers - Residential size refrigerator - Washer and dryer - 2 bathrooms - Sleeps 8 Make your dreams come true with this -->
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305 West End Jul 18
Expect unmatched concierge services, chef-prepared cuisine, organized social events, and so much more. Let our expert staff provide assistance whenever and wherever needed. in style in the city you love.
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Jyotiraj Parida Jul 11
Plz dont take ... plz. Plz. Plz. Plz. Plz. 😂😂😂😂
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Robert Mathew Jul 17
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Skep P Skep Jul 18
"The facts show it" Senator, when it comes to environmental facts, I'm not sure you could see an Antarctic-sized-snowball fact coming from the horizon in time not to get knocked on your ass. You are a singular embarrassment to Oklahoma.
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Macadelic 8h
Replying to @ProFootballTalk
They didn’t suspend him because he didn’t a damn thing wrong and people wanted to hold his last against him.
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virgiliocorrado 15h
Replying to @thehill
hide in shame.
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Kelsey Harbor † 23h
My 70 year old psychiatrist told me to quit smoking weed and drinking caffeine today. Where is your granddaughter Mrs.Buttersworth? FOH
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✡️TemperanceWyck(ed)🇺🇸👊🏻🏳️‍🌈 Jul 18
Replying to @RandPaul
Nope. Once you voted for the tax cut you lost all credibility on “deficit concerns” already.
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Hersh Stern Jul 18
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