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Elan Buan Apr 5
Stunning presentation by All Canadians need to hear this woman’s presentation. Environmental activism has morphed into Electoral activism. Protect Canada’s sector.
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Martin Tye Apr 3
Replying to @mclaren2gb
People are starting to see the symptoms: , depletion, , build up, , scarcity, etc etc ... but most have yet to work out the cause.
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Benedetto Antuono Apr 7
Global use of natural resources is skyrocketing [via ] Hgh-income countries continue to outsource intensive production, exporting the negative external impact of extaction to middle- and low-income countries |
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Tarun Shukla Apr 8
Even as hunts for pilots, is in town for Airbus pilots "of all types" : - Mumbai: Taj Santacruz, tomorrow - Delhi: JW Marriott, 10th, 11th. .
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Book♬Management Apr 5
I this book, its a for to make the step up from team mate to team .
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Fehr & Peers 4h
Going on now! Stop by "The Ever-Changing of " panel discussion moderated by our very own Charlie Alexander at the Transportation Symposium.
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Kamiar Mohaddes Apr 17
Replying to @KamiarMohaddes
Governments of -rich economies need to provide jobs & investment opportunities for nationals as well as to maintain social stability & make their development sustainable in the long run. The policy choices are not easy & will likely require a new social contract.
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MTC | The #Content Agency 8h
Have you downloaded our latest resource? Our latest is a three-part checklist and step-by-step guide to getting the most out of your content piece BEFORE you hit publish. Join the resource library for this and more:
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Centre Race Culture Apr 17
Missed Connections presents findings from experiences of racialized and Indigenous individuals after incidents of racial or cultural discrimination or harassment to document more about people’s attempts to access support and complaint processes.
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The new domain name managementresourcesinc .com has been listed for sale at , buy it before its gone! click here:
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English Trainers Apr 7
▶️ France Bans Smartphones From Schools ▶️ ▶️ A law was passed in 2018 to stop students using smartphones at school ▶️ Thanks for another with excellent exercises & 20 great questions to
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Nathalie Gregg 18h
Thanks Madalyn! You always are a powerful trusted !
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Kamran Kashif 58m
is the best outcome from , a held in Karachi for operational of & Placement. The pool will ensure measures in daily
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New data could result in Invictus Energy Ltd (: ) being able to deliver an even larger increase in the resource estimate in the June quarter.
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Andrew M Yaracs Apr 18
learn how to plan safe, educational and successful Band travel experiences for your students. Visit my website for more information and check out my Amazon book reviews!
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The VRG 16h
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Onkar 🤗🇮🇳 Apr 5
Replying to @onkarjanwa
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simon chambers 1h
Replying to @BBCEarth @PopnMatters
We’re using up the planet’s resources like someone spending their savings as if it’s their salary.....what happens when they run out?
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Tim Campbell Apr 2
posts should (most often) have a CALL TO ACTION (CTA). This from helps clarify the wording you can/should use. Totally loving this and using it myself.
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Miz D Apr 18
Vancouver is so fortunate to have cannacentric venues like for ! Thank you for creating such a lovely for the 🙏🏾💚😘
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