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Anderson Dec 7
Can you imagine beating VT for the first time in ACC play, winning the Coastal for the first time ever, getting ready to play in one of the biggest games in program history, and you're tweeting about Virginia Tech???
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Dustin Cooper 1h
Replying to @marcelluswiley
This man still talking about the Lakers
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All Things Mavs Dec 5
Replying to @escott1028
My favorite thing about Hawks fans is that they’ll always compare Trae Young to Luka Doncic, while Mavs fans are busy comparing Luka Doncic to Giannis, LeBron & James Harden 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️
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Jay Ave 30m
Laker fans are triggered lol
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Scott Tatum Dec 8
Replying to @jlinehan9
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Steven 🎄 Dec 10
Leafs fans: Isles fans: lol, fukn obsessed ass Leafs fans, with their weak defense and overpaid forwards. They can't stop talking about the Isles. Fukn baby.
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JD Dec 9
🤔 imagine being so <insert adjective here> that u watch the speech by ur rival’s brand-new head coach ...just to pick at it about him calling FSU a top 20 school. And when you are shown ur wrong u double down with disrespect & a mom jab. Couldn’t be me.
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Steve 2h
When all you worry about is the head coach of a non rival team in the quick lane bowl while you have an upcoming ny6 bowl
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Arjun 20h
I feel even more special being in my hater’s heads😬
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Michael Desch 6h
Total clown shoes with this guy man. He’s literally wearing our colors.
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El Guru 8h
Replying to @paul_warrand
Just having fun mate. Knew you'd be all over this one
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Pizza Stephanie 5h
Pizza Steve waiting to shit on Death Stranding coz it’s got him
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Darth Diggler🐁🇨🇦 10h
U love to see it. Vancouver is west coast Buffalo.
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Mike Oxlong Dec 9
You’re a massive bitch.
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Eric Maclin 38m
Replying to @RealSkipBayless
Struggled to a triple double.
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🌹Darth RoseDuck🌹 12h
Replying to @wilnerhotline
Only UW and Beavers fans complain about the Ducks, ALL THE DAMN TIME. ya losers. Rebuild year, bah, y'all clowns were calling playoffs with your Saint Peterman at the start of the season.
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LocKdOwn_51 2h
Replying to @wessims @iJordanMoore
Still living in minds everywhere..
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Cody Sullivan Dec 8
Replying to @RussMitchellCFB
Imagine winning your first SEC title in 8 years, and still thinking about the #12 team.
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Lee cotterillic’ 7h
Fancy being bothered how many fans we trek to Wigan
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