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Hi everyone! For が (however, but), we made two followup panels. The first has kanji and hiragana only. If you have trouble, there is romaji on the last panel. More here:
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Hello everyone! Sorry for the quiet week - we have been busy working on our upcoming Android app for ! Please enjoy the simple yet useful そう for describing how something looks!
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Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce “まだ”. It has a positive and negative forms, but we are focusing on the positive one this time. It can mean an action or state it still going on (hasn’t ended). ⁣ ⁣ More here:
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We've got a full set of katakana picture cards that we just added to our free lessons at . Use them to help you build up your vocab as you study how to read and write Japanese katakana!
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Hi everyone! みなさん、こんにちは! This week we have the negative form: まだ〜ない. It means “not yet”. More information here: 見てくれて、ありがとう♪ Thank you!
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Kao-chan is using Verb+ことにする to show that she is going to jump into the Halloween festivities this year! ⁣ The verb that precedes this is written in the plain form. ⁣ More info here! ⁣ ⁣
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Hi everyone! みなさん、こんにちは! How is your first week in 2020? I’d like to introduce order food, such as fast food. This is simple but perfectly usable! 見てくれて、ありがとう♪ Thank you!
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ことか is a sentence-ending term used to emphasize the word (usually an adjective or verb) preceding it! For an extra punch, that word often follows なんて. More information here!
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SolidPikachu Jul 1
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SolidPikachu Jul 1
一回目に病院に行ったの時は、お医者以外にみんなのスタッフはとても優しかった。血液検査してレントゲン写真を撮りました。私はお医者さんの説明あまり分かりませんでしたが、お医者さんは薬だけ出しました。 最近、この問題がよくになりました。すぐに良くなりますように。
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SolidPikachu Jun 28
昨日お兄さんは胃が痛いので、今日彼が休んで病院に行った。病院で診療をかりを受けてお医者さんから薬をもらった。 今日日本語学校で面白い文法があった:「~そう」、「~らしい」、「~よう」、「~みたい」、「~まるで」と「~どうやら」。全部は同じ意味みたいが、違いがあります。
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Solusi Magang Jepang 25 Dec 18
Nihon go no renshuu Berlatih bahasa Jepang.. Salah satu kegiatan belajar di lpk goukaku Klaten, membaca bersma dg suara keras.. Magang yuk.. Seru hloo.. 😇 ...
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