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AucklandRoadLTN 5h
6) Save the Great that Cypress School pupils are learning a vital life skill. Make sure to choose Option 2 or Option 1 (compromise with ANPR camera) on the consultation so that they can put the skills to practice and ride to school!
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Marian Boston Dec 2
Voted heartbroken, dreading 1 Jan, we will not just be out we will be out out, marching boots clean and ready again for the Summer hopefully
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LezzleSE3 Dec 2
Replying to @br_nning
Exactly! I fear very many of those who voted for had absolutely no idea what it would entail. Very frustrating for the millions of us who voted to in the . 🇪🇺
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swagodkey Nov 26
i thankful . for everything 👽✌️🤓
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PaulWoodcraft 🇪🇺 🔶 #FBPEGlobal #RejoinEU Nov 28
Replying to @gordon_riches
Agreed even though you & I along with many voted we had a vote in the 1970's, perhaps anyone who could have voted then should not have had a vote in 2016?
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Hummus🇪🇺Specific and Limited Nov 30
Replying to @snb19692 @vonderleyen
Well done 👏🏼 we faithfully .
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Green World 55m
Replying to @HazzaR1997
I have been eligible to vote since 1975. Have voted every election. That's me. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤣
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Green World 57m
Replying to @ChalmersConor
that's me. 🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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robert legge Dec 1
Replying to @afneil
Ahh ,never in my wildest dreams would have believed that the Spectator,one of our best magazines would/will back the horror of a thought that is BREXIT ‼️😮😳
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Melissa (#WearAMask) Taylor Nov 30
Replying to @jonworth @msgraym555
Should have read the small print. I did. I voted
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David Merryweather Dec 3
Replying to @snb19692
Here for this. Would love to know specifically what the positive things I can do are? Or sources I can read for more info on them. Thanks!
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Hummus🇪🇺Specific and Limited Nov 30
Thanks for looking out for us 👍🏼 voters 😇 regardless of the outcome of the talks! I’m one of many who believe in forever..... even if I have this absolutely stupid blue passport.
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Marianne M #FBPE 3.5% #The5Million #dogooder Nov 29
Replying to @pamfde @lunaperla
No idea (Brexit discussion banned on the group's page). Of course I am sympathetic for the voter (ie my British husband who's going to have to jump through hoops to get some sort of security in the EU) but I'm fed up with British exceptionalism.
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One foot in the Middle Pleistocene Nov 27
Yes I damn well will too! Thanks for bringing this to our attention
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Skye Nov 27
Replying to @SteveLawrence_
voted = freedom of movement away from Westminster pronto...
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El#FBPE 🕷️🇪🇺 🐟 3.5% Nov 30
Replying to @Paul63B @UB5simon
OK. Thanks for coming back to me. They've always been very vocal about how bad No Deal would be too. Will be interesting to see although I'd much rather obviously!
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El#FBPE 🕷️🇪🇺 🐟 3.5% Dec 2
Pfizer had a production facility in UK until 2016. Would they have kept it open if had won? I hate
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Erwin Smith Dec 1
6 days I realized that I'd be watching the first episode with this laptop, and that would probably be the last one.
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Ron Nicholls Nov 30
Sad to say I was in support of position to vote in favour of a deal because of para#4, but having read the explanation in para#5 . . . I am now firmly set against. I've got my mojo back.
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noa-witheringly Nov 28
Replying to @syrpis
/ is notoriously divided -only briefly&loosely knit together,&that largely for the wrong (=strategically unsound&arguably ethically wrong) reasons-&so is the 'British Left'. &as &many of us know,unity in a time of crisis doesn't arise swiftly or by itself, 3
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