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Dr M.irfan leghari 20m
Replying to @MirzaSania
Its a global terrorism funded by some supper powers they named it based terror which is incorrect..They use the religious toll to save own shadow...
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Dr Mark D'Arcy Apr 16
Why do you think the majority of people on the Earth believe in a God? If you have your own answer, then please add a comment This is my first poll so I'd appreciate it if you could retweet for a larger audience. Plus I'm genuinly curious!
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💧Adrian K 14m
Replying to @vanbadham
I will continue to shout - & have done so since before - that justification for Agenda or Policy in is a trend we must fight against at all costs
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David Niton Apr 15
The main difference between & righteous is in this verse; - James 2:24, “You see that a person is considered righteous by what they do and not by faith alone.” As revealed in this miracle;
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NeverMissEvents-Miami 1h
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*~RadicalGranny~* 5h
Replying to @TroostShari @4YrsToday
Over the past several decades, I've noted that many people are actually . I've learned that the most boisterous, of religious people, are normally the biggest hypocrites.
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Shelby Smallz Apr 17
Move over, Catholicism. I’m creating my own religion where the body of Christ is bagels, the blood of Christ is marinara sauce, and cheese is the glue that binds them. All we’ll do is eat bagel bites and talk shit. Who’s in?
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T R B Rajaa 2h
Replying to @TRBRajaa
Six blasts reported in churches & hotels... Looks like the is spreading across borders !!!
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To my family and friends.
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ManHeeLee Supporter 18h
I dreamed the peaceful world without religious conflicts And I believe It could come true through Discussion of leaders for Creation :
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Snehal S 2h
Now we know where it goes wrong
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Ellie Grace Woodhouse Apr 19
Remember, all my works are completely FREE to download on Kindle today! Meet Isla Green, the sexy vigilante succubus in THE LAST SUCCUBUS collection. Try some in WHY I'M NO LONGER AN ATHEIST. Fancy a horror with a twist? HOW I DIE!
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Ashiraf Mugabe Apr 18
Replying to @BHeryvan
😂😂😂😂his boo, i heard they had children together....but christians won't agree!!!
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Quantum Leap 18h
Replying to @ChidiOdinkalu
Maybe Leaders are the way to go since University Lecturers are failing ..
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Jose Velazquez Apr 19
Other than Jesus Shuttlesworth, the only people named Jesus are Mexican. End of debate. Jesus was Mexican. fun 😂😂😂
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Jeannie Apr 19
What crap! He might see himself as a lighthouse in much the same way ISIS think they are a lighthouse. They can think what they like, just don’t be offensively shoving their archaic belief systems down our throats or causing harm to others. Absolute arrogance of the
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Jeremy Song Apr 19
The percentage of U.S. adults who belong to a or other institution has plunged by 20 percentage points over the past two decades, hitting a low of 50% last year, according to a new poll. 
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Faith Atheism Nub 1h
Atheists say human constitutions R clearer & precise than God given texts R they right
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Malou Cristobal,PT, DPT 14h
Yesterday’s Good Friday Passion of Christ at St. Patricks Cathedral with the
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Eric Baxter Apr 19
BREAKING: DC Circuit unanimously upholds prayer in House of Reps against lawsuit by atheist group that wanted to disrupt 230 yrs of tradition by opening House meetings with *secular* non-prayer: (1/5)
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