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Lacks All Logic 🐦🖱🤪 Feb 21
Replying to @charliekirk11
: Primarily the of the so-called . The is still not over. While between and are much improved, the is still officially ongoing... even though ended in 1953. Please stop , Dave.
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Yvonne Telting Feb 20
In Level 10* it's the 'empty space' that is of concern; with in* it nót 'the single' that's 'manifest' in front of one -> * Ancient strategy 泰 Tai-否 Pi on basis*; metaphor 'how sod* of grass grows unseen'
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Silk Celluloid 7h
's strategy is a bit baffling, either they're launching without truly knowing their audience or they don't care aka is more important that . $4.99 per month for & # Millennials…
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🌟Asoo🌟 Feb 20
some aren't worth of trying to keep her.
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Egmont Institute Feb 22
conference on 's with What are likely to be the main long-term trends of China’s security involvement in Africa? How will its growing security engagement impact China’s traditional policy of non-interference on the continent?
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Axiom Solutions, LLC 10h
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Morning gym: start cuddling!
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Shine with Kp 24h
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AnshikaJainKaur Feb 22
If u love someone more than urself u will always compromise too much,keep getting hurt,loose urself but would always think for them first But Patience,Understanding & being Caring too has a limit U urself as much as anyone needs ur Luv,Attention & Care
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Rev Reid Walker Feb 18
Replying to @RevReidWalker3
He’s set race back 50 years! Dr King was an includer- Obama a Wrong strategy if you really wanted 2solve problem as Dr King did! With all the “we/ them” statements no way history will record Obama as anything but divider &the guns &Bible quote cinched that!
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Bum Bum Jones 22h
I discovered ‘s music last nite on and my plans for me and the Mrs have changed for the weekend now!
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uhealth.ucare Feb 19
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Yugal Rawat Feb 21
Replying to @PoemPorns
“☝️i’m tired of being 💔tired.”
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The penguin method: find your man! ad
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Claude Yen Feb 18
It's really hard starting to plan weekend/weekday trips without her. Mng biggest 2 biggest regrets are notcommunicating effectively and not putting my all into a future vs. the now. Losing while investing is emotionally dangerous. It sucks
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J.T♠™ Feb 14
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⭐Okit Ajnosal Noskcaj (1&Only) Feb 14
💒 Someone you know or may not Doesn’t like your and if they within their ideal mental just remember they are either of a of who made you to be They will your and they you Sorry no
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Toma Feb 13
Just updated my for with UI editing for and room . Will test it with little more data models and will release a non-dev update 0.05+ on the play store
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SB4U Academy Feb 21
New York City FC and SB4U Academy & TSM = YOUTH PARTNERS !
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Funnmall Productions Feb 20
No Means No. No No No of any type with . There is no other option left if decides 2 play v will the own & events frm nw onwards. V will prefer to loose the for our
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