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Media Reform ...... Nov 28
Replying to @vanOnselenP
Professor Trickledown, a professional spin doctor: 'look over there™' frame the opposition as the problem because they called them out? WTF! How the visibly corrupt media 'deflect and protect™' a Govt that lies and commits criminal acts unchallenged. the bastards
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Joe Grimaldi Dec 5
believes in Honesty being the best Policy- Notice she doesn't have to explain herself more than once- trump repeats his lies over & over Publicly as often as Possible- It's not illegal to Lie but it is when it Misleads the masses of Americans- Public Media
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Matt Roberts Dec 3
Replying to @QuinnyPig
Better than Warren G? Hard to imagine it could better.
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Terry Cotton Dec 1
Replying to @donnabrazile
Prayers not mounting to a solution! Maybe just may be calling out gun regulators may help! FUCKING GUN ARE THE BEST KILLING TOOLS!
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Blue 5h
Not acceptable in a functioning democracy. facebook
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Hyperbolic Dec 2
It's pretty obvious that Mark Zuckerberg see's no role for IIn protecting society from false ads, and outright lies. Time to these fuckers
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Hiro Murakami Nov 28
Brady Watt's Bass & Bars Episode 18 ft. Warren G - "Regulate" より 
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CBD-Intel Dec 5
“It’s a tax that doesn’t affect the light flower price considerably, but it is useful to the sale of flowers,” explained Five Star Movement senator Matteo Mantero (pictured), who is among the nine authors of the proposal:
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Stirling Inclusion Support Service Nov 29
Amazing feedback regarding our massage in schools programmes from Stirling Schools and parents
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Brad Jones Nov 28
The funniest shit on YouTube 😂😂😂
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United We Win: Cory Will Legalize Marijuana.
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Hans Willert Dec 1
To or Not to Regulate: The Answer Isn’t So Simple by
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najeebabdul Nov 28
Ads can be targeted to specific demographic groups - this is a powerful tool for nefarious groups to include/exclude communities in everything from housing to spreading misinformation. It is time to targeting.
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Fadhel Kaboub Nov 29
Replying to @FadhelKaboub
My neighbor's dog can probably identify the key price setters, the , the , and the that we must and out of existence. They can't plead ignorance now that is part of the mainstream discussion. 4/n
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Bobby Casey Dec 3
Isn't it odd that when a store raises prices for bottled water during a natural disaster, call that and try to it, but not for ?
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Freedman Nov 28
absurd that wouldn't let you draft a nice stout as your dessert. i think you should kick him out of the league.
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Cork's Cannabis Club Nov 30
You should never be afraid to stand up to bullies , especially when they are your government. Standing up to unjust laws & corruption by protesting and civil disobedience is your democratic duty. 💚
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Andrew♻️ Nov 29
Stunning revelation! The first shall be last & the last shall be first. The richest, happiest countries on earth are also at the bottom of Sustainable Development because by definition, corporate capitalist wealth is exploitative, unsustainable.
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Boiarski Dec 2
want to government down to the size of a tampon, just small enough to every vagina.
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Surya Narayanan Dec 2
Science is not with the ban. Only a skewed and myopic sense of economics is. don't ban.
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