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Dabney Yerima Sep 16
CameroUn Lawyers begin a 5-day strike today, defying Biya’s ’s threats. They demand an end to rampant “rights violations, & illegal & prolong detention of accused persons.” wld re-build from the ruins of this mess, but 1st, we MUST AMPLIFY our resolve.
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Frederike Geerdink Sep 16
strong words from the central command: 'the , which has failed to protect the people of the region from , has no right to speak on behalf of the people of the region.'
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Always love the streetz y u ask because they talk real shit no rara
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Adjani OKPU-EGBE Sep 16
CameroUn Lawyers 5-day strike that began today is defiant to Biya’s ’s brutality. Our pple express solidarity & support their demand to end “, & illegal/prolong of accused persons.” MUST continue to resist .
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Sin O Sep 18
I actually foresee Mrs.Abike Dabiri being removed as d chair of Nigerians in Diaspora by d presidency. As a backlash from citizens for not responding early enough to d death of Nigerians in SA in particular aside other countries. What a
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jemalrasheed Sep 13
This needs to take firmer positions toward the evil
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jemalrasheed 2h
Following the asylum of champion Saeed Malai from Suspension of the Judo Federation by the International Judo Federation The Iranian forces him to lose a game in so that he does not face an athlete
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jemalrasheed Sep 12
🔶They were not the last victims of this bloody 🔻The bloodshed, oppression, theft and in the continue 🔴The file should be submitted to the Security Council and the Hague Tribunal
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jemalrasheed Sep 15
The was propagated all over the Members of the 's national team with blue posters show their solidarity with , the blue girl. The of , with all the cunning did, did not eliminate the fires of anger from the blue girl
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Sara Sotak Sep 12
So sad.. This authoritative needs to go! The people of are begging for help. They want them gone, but are powerless to do it on their own. This cannot be allowed to continue.
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Abbas keshavarzi Sep 17
of supporters from Texas are ready to departure to NY to join the rally for change in Iran
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Restart 22h
Mr Paul please answer ☺️👇 The question of Millions of Restartees is did and have the authorization from the congress to release billions of dollars to a ?!
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Farzaneh Aghaei Sep 10
Replying to @FarzanehAghaei
The Iranian women have had enough of discrimination.. the must go!
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Dr. Eman Al Doseri Sep 13
Iran and give the the chance to create the nation that they will be so proud to call home ! from and current
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لوسیفر🍀 Sep 14
Replying to @mdubowitz
We have to stop talking and start doing something with this
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M P Sep 10
We can't undo the past, all we can do is face what's ahead! 's weapons program poses a threat for the whole world, It is time to topple 's .
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Regime 🐉 Gang regimegeneral therealdrudown500
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It's Ali :) 57m
Replying to @Telegraph
" should follow the US lead and operate a policy that would reduce Iranian oil exports to zero in an attempt to force a change of behavior from the ." (5/7)
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It's Ali :) 59m
Replying to @SecPompeo
knowledge,” he added. “We’ve seen no evidence that it’s come from . It could well have traveled over , we’ve not seen that either.” A former U.S. Treasury official told Reuters Washington could target 's with so-called secondary sanctions that (8/16)
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It's Ali :) 1h
Replying to @CBSNews
. on Wednesday displayed wreckage of the Iranian 's cruise missiles and drones. The circuit boards can be reverse engineered to determine the exact route the weapons flew. But U.S. officials said the most damning evidence is still unreleased (2/12)
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