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kerry camellia 10h
  ‘s new song sounds umm ... / of 👎🏻👎🏻🤪 her last good album was , yes it’s been that long, wish old rockers would quit while they’re on top! 😳
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Peter V Jun 19
Replying to @RyWhite
For someone who doesn’t like her you seem to tweet an awful lot about her 😂
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Whit Germano Jun 23
logan keeps playing that damn Physical Attraction cover from 🙄🤣
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Joseph Mora Apr 27
's cult always complains that does the same old dance routines Well, here's Madonna with her 1 eye Illuminati shit rehearsing for It feels, uh.
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TheNameOfTheGame Dec 28
Not only feels it looks boring AF.
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Gaga Hater Feb 25
Somebody had to say it.
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SalientPoint May 17
Replying to @ProtectHomeland
Where does the of fit into this ?!? Add in & & ... and the versus fun begins ......
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Morphin' Legacy 🐆🦍🐇 Mar 1
Oh honey. Just because Saban has a credit as “Executive Producer” Doesn’t mean he had ANYTHING to do with the actual production of the show... EP is a title he’s awarded for creating the series.
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Shirley Temple Bar Apr 15
Madonna: “My new album’s called Madame X.” The Guardian: “It’s … look it up!”
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Petala Mar 20
Clearly, liberalism and conservatism have little to do with being Indian!
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Mark Carballo Jun 13
Lady Gaga - Haus of Gaga 2008 Lady Gaga - Mother Monster 2008 Lady Gaga Fans - Little Monsters 2008 Vice Ganda - House of Ganda 2019 Vice Ganda - Mother Horse 20What? Vice Ganda Fans - Little Ponies 20What? yet ayaw iacknowledge na si gaga ang inspiration..
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Firkin on Film Mar 8
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Gaga Hater Mar 12
Replying to @LGDoingThings
She probably studied 's book that day for research. 😂
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KyelCalland Jan 4
Replying to @Madonna
as 51 year old fanboy since 84' I thought you would for us all by challenging our perceptions and stereotypes, but you have gone down the predictable route
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🥀 Apr 16
Replying to @luxxybee
is a psychotic hell raiser who vaporises celebrities that declined to appear in the Bitch I’m Madonna music video
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❌Mad on her!❌ Dec 29
Replying to @ThePerezHilton
Less than 10 years in and she’s already become a nostalgic act! 😂
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Jarrod8X8 Jan 21
Replying to @thehill
says the woman who worked with AFTER sexual assault allegations then says she will never work with him again?! Give me a break
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Andrew Davies Jan 16
I hate when people are reductive.
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🏳️‍🌈 tweets by cian™ Apr 16
thank u for bringing back Medoner. now make the "Kety Perr: Pert of Me 3D" feature length animation you coward.
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🖤❤️Marquitos✌🏽✊🏽 Apr 3
Remember when used the word ? Sooooo good.
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