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Jase Sep 20
AIRPORTS TOUR!! YES!!!!!! is back again on 9th November going from Flemington to International Airport via City Circle then Leppington, Richmond, North Sydney via Sydney Harbour Bridge then…
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Jase Nov 14
RED RATTLER CROSSING SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE View from the cab of C3426 on crossing the . Fact The carriage this was filmed on C3426 was the lead carriage on the first official train to…
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Jase Nov 15
DRIVING THE RED RATTLER ... KIND OF Upfront in the of last weekend during at a rest stop at I must admit I would like to power her up one day.
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Jase Nov 13
RED RATTLER ON CITY CIRCLE As part of travelled around the Here is the view passing and Sorry but when we passed Circular Quay a train…
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