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Terry Geo Oct 16
Hey Could you RT this for me please? It's the trailer for my new book Refraction. Would be great for to give this a If you could anything into existence, what would it be? TY!
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Well, that’s interesting tech 1h
Replying to @FStaffing
If you're like me, you'll have a few remote working stories to share? I shared one in this post
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Mika❤💞🧚‍♂️💞❤...🤗💋@》💗PRID Oct 19
I sometimes think I can snap my fingers and make the world a better place....then I wake up and feel sorry for the future children who are left with our mess, and need to fix ..or make it worse matter ...your here, make the most ...says me lol ..❤❤
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TheReadingRainbow 2h
Are we casting for where are they now ? Why in the hell would you hire ? This coming from a former republican! He’s a clear social climber, lacks substantive points and is a bellend? Why give space to someone who struggles to grasp facts!
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Mommag045🇻🇮🇦🇬 2h
They hired the dude from The Real World: Boston & Real World/Road Rules Challenge 💀😂🤦🏽‍♀️
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Bonnie Greer 3h
But- : The is UK's premium asset. You seriously think that US won't want a piece as part of a ?😄😀 Anyway, even that won't happen if Ireland is shafted. 'Cause Welcome to the of
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anne pleberous Oct 19
MP sparks row by saying colleagues should get childcare paid if working Saturday What a OK for
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Amanda Traylor 4h
When a real-life animal medical emergency happens in the barn first thing in the morning...the Vet Med students get some real-world experience!
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Katie-Lee Moroney Oct 18
Thank you Coaches for probably the most thought provoking yet. Valuable sessions led by & about referral barriers & what led us to this sector. Thank U all for just being you. 💪🏻
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Grumpy Sod Oct 18
Replying to @_Liam_Walker_
Fuck me..he must have said that for a bet..I work almost every Saturday & have never been paid a penny extra for childcare
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PapaQ69 Oct 20
Replying to @DVATW
They are just jealous that the broccoli is more intelligent than them and has more chance of someone wanting it. Anybody who supports these idiots should hang their heads in shame, and deserves to never be taken seriously again.
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Andy Oct 19
At least we can stop talking about top 6
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Well, that’s interesting tech 10h
Replying to @RhondaDEldridge
HI , I saw your post on remote-working, I've been a 'digital nomad' since before that was a thing ;-) So I shared a story and an idea you might like thx.
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Joanne Klein 18h
Trying to put the “fun and interesting” in my eDiscovery session. Possible? 😁
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Jay Knight 3h
: The Things We Do For Love...
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Tommy Mac Oct 19
Welcome to the real world u gang of self centred scum bags
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Kevin Gerhardt Oct 18
The first onscreen gay kiss was in 1991 on L.A. Law. If not counting 2 women, and only men, then takes the award for the first onscreen kiss between 2 men, 6 years prior to . What Dawson's Creek did was great, but it doesn't help to rewrite history.
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Craig Luke 11h
You're home in two weeks. Get you're ass up here.
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~Amy~gdala 21h
Let’s not forget his stint on reality TV.
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Antony Dando 23h
Replying to @denzil1983
Don’t be an MP 🙈
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