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Shockwave Feb 18
Replying to @CBCAlerts
Kindness wasn't gonna save her.
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Niar Himself Feb 5
The issue is - you religious globe Earth supporters do not have critical thinking minds. You people are told something and instantly believe it. This is the opposite of real science. You think WE are the dumb ones, but in reality it is you who is ignorant.
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Sci-Man-Dan Jan 27
and why do the flat Earthers pick on you two so much?
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Joseph O Morrow Feb 2
Human beings have more tools personally available today for improving our own lives and the lives of others. is one of those tools. At least it was before a very oppressive religion hijacked it. A religion? Observe how that religion behaves, calling folks "deniers"!
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BioBusDevGuy Feb 5
...and your graph is whack, arctic ice extent varies from 13-15m km2 down to 4m km2 throughout the year. What is this flat line and then all of a sudden down to 9m km2 and it ends in the year 2000? Explain
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Niki Feb 16
Yes protein you are very good at crystallising and very pretty, but could you nucleate a little bit less?...
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Geek_Otaku_ARMY 8h
Intersex aka hermaphrodites do exist. In that case, three genders. I think Neil would point that out to you in a heartbeat.
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Ric Jan 29
Replying to @arnoldcam
Yep! Free scientific data is free! His agenda is to make rich again as shown in pic. So he’s ignoring from scientists and the screaming polluted environment that is of course real. See 👉🏻
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Tim Haselden Feb 7
Apparently DNA analysis isn't real science. From the people who think skin colour is a sign of racial superiority not an evolutionary adaption to a reduction of vitamin d production in northern latitudes.
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cawright Feb 11
2/2 but thanks to a diagnosis 12 years ago & a GP that didn’t subscribe to prescribing meds. I solved health issues via critical thinking & research. Thus I know that a vegan diet is the absolute worst choice based on our biology.
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A+ Colorado Feb 5
Remember the Gold King Mine spill of 2015 that polluted the Animas and San Juan Rivers? 65 Las Animas High School juniors studied the chemistry of the Las Animas river and presented their findings.
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Prep Science Jan 31
#2 Slime Fun: magnetic slime in Fun Science - great fun!
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Experiment Feb 21
The crystal structure of Bitiscetin snake venom protein complexed with human vWF A1 protein. It looks like a cartoon, this data tells us so much about how these proteins work.
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Average Joe Politics Feb 2
Replying to @SenatorHassan
Senator, please explain how there was “climate change” before humans walked the earth? The earth’s climate has ALWAYS changed. While humans do impact it, we did not create it.
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Dr. Z! Jan 30
Jake: Where we're you in 1997? Me: 1997 was an excellent year for hip hop.
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Mauny Kaseburg Jan 30
Replying to @SebGorka
Classic - we are hoping finds a cure in the next seven years!!! OY!!!
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Malachi Johnson Feb 1
Day 2: Created hypotheses, measured flicker & length, then observe, observe observe!!!!!
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fizil Feb 7
Wow...straight forward information, no bias, and no spin. Have you finally cracked the code for truth telling/journalistic integrity? Bravo good sir!!!
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WhakarauJK Feb 3
What science REALLY says about fluoridation. Despite National MPs attempts to shout it down
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Eliz Cornish Feb 2
Replying to @NBCNews
This is a cool festival, I'm sure. Love wildlife myself. But, please Science can be fun too. Let's trust in science over myth and magic, please.
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