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Har_Binger Nov 17
Replying to @MeelahNina
? But no one in life to tell this!!
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Michele Rowan 3m
. what kind of classy organization are you running? n should just take the legit penalty and not blame it on f÷×$^*n Canadians. ?
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MartiniShot 1h
Loved “Crazy Rich Asians”. Not so sure about “Ready Player One”
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Martin Lynch 3h
You replied to 4 different people with nothing to add and the circle ensued... so we really need to go round tax avoidance again???
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Melanie Blake 7m
Replying to @sarawallis
Oh how I wish I’d had the choice to decide to ‘grow up and pay some bills on time’ at twenty bloody eight ! I had 4 jobs at 15 ! Sweet tho but 🙄
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stephen b 8m
can be frustrating sometimes. But this one came out nicely @ Pepperell Mill Campus
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GeorgiaNunu0307 3h
🤔Hmm white guy asked me for my number and said i just wanted to know what it feels like to be with a black girl 🤦🏽‍♀️🤔 can i get to know you...
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Pastor Joe Catanese 2h
Inside Thoughts... I don’t think the LA Dodgers think the Red Socks stoke the World Series away from them...
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Bruce 22h
Replying to @riotwomennn
It totally blows my mind how people actually believe this guy!! Or is it morbid curiosity just wondering what he’ll say or do next??
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Willyboy55 7h
45 minutes still No service
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beshannonphotos 2h
Unable to load page!! We are currently experiencing technical difficulties that prevents this page from loading on your device. Please try to access this page a little later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
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Yvonne van Hest 2h
Echte Eindhoven humor = kei fijn - IN ENGLISH- Real Eindhoven humour = ‘boulder nice’, in other words ‘awesome’ /// this awesome Dutch film has English subtitles -
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Julie Ragolia 4h
Why is Englad the only country to force thousands of airline passengers to destroy the planet daily with senseless clear plastic bags for one time use? Did my lipstick need a clear bag, really?
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Steven Garcia 16m
Just when my son and I where getting ready to watch the the fire alarm goes off ?? 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄
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YOGB Nov 17
30 dollars for a free game. What a time to be alive
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Arshan Khute Nov 14
Replying to @SnehaSenn
Ur True Thing.. 😌
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Solicitor Gashu Nov 11
:MANICALAND has been hit by a shortage of lagers 👀🤔 should l come with my own ?
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Matt Eifert Nov 16
Are man-purses becoming “a thing?”
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Valentine 3h
The announcer says he's impress by colts composer.
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Brian Schwartz 18h
Replying to @jmayhem11 @bessbell
Tell us about it? Was just talking to my partner's father and he didn't really understand what the big deal about the deal (or no deal was) and I couldn't really explain it.
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