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Spencer 1m
Just sitting here thinking about the people that already know what is in the upcoming FED Minutes..... "They" just waiting to push the buttons after the release..... IMO
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Tim Rote 23h
Replying to @atrupar
Turns out the oldest president so far is Donald Trump, who was 70 years, 220 days at his inauguration. Bernie Sanders would be 79 years old + when he became President. When he started. Nobody is in his prime at 79 years old. Its is a tough job & not one to start at 79.
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CastilloOnTheHill 23m
Replying to @mainedcm
Yes, I believe you are good natured but like yinyang you have your dark side too. You are imperfect like anybody else. And like anybody else, you’re capable of hurting others intentionally or unintentionally. And you can be a subject for disappointment.
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Scotty 🏳️‍🌈🌊 13m
Replying to @PerezHilton
Didn’t I just say this?? This ENTIRE FAMILY is in and never lives in . WAKE THE “F” UP !!! Has the chemicals from all that make up and hairspray gone to what brains you did have? Damn 😲🤔🏳️‍🌈🌊
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edward loar 1h
50% of my time at 🏠 is spent turning off 💡..the other 50% is turning clothes inside out..
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Magda Luvs Hummers 2m
You will NEVER manifest your by complaining your way out of your current . Read that again. ❤️ 🌸 ☕️
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Kohanim Feb 19
Sometimes you should apologize to yourself About your bad choice of some people. "
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Fahad Al Balushi 1h
When they say they like you, you don’t know if they like you. But when they say they hate you then you know they really hate you. But I make haters become my fan. 👌🏻✋🏻
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Yogesh Patil🤫 Feb 18
I tweet the most only during my exam time bc that’s the only time I think more while I’m starring at my wall
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jofernbabs 3h
You Retweeted JESUS SAVES 19m19 minutes ago.More When fear knocks on the door, answer with faith!
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Richtung 31m
Replying to @JohnCena
Sometimes we own but people do no except sometimes is like a
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Sun Sea Sand ❤️ 1h
Wealth management CEO on w/ "the answer [to corporations not having to pay taxes due to stock buybacks R&D tax breaks] to save for retirement and invest". Try having kids in college & living on one paycheck, buddy. Is this guy for real?!
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StarStrangledBanana 6h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
No, they'd be riding the same economic uptick that you are.
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Javan Destry 51m
Replying to @The_MrBoof
is knowing that hoe is worse off without you
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Queen B Feb 11
I am the artist of my
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yoshi310LA 10m
Back too work 😂
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Igor Zhygulin Feb 19
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Patty Luush 18h
Replying to @vwegs
The war they bring apon themselves? Literally anyone that’s ‘straight’ could care less, we support it actually! But just because they want to change basic biology to make them look less crazy... I don’t think chopping off your genitalia will allow you to ‘find yourself’
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AlternateRealities 6h
You're sleeping when you're awake and you're actually living your real life when you're sleeping.
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Gabrielle13 Feb 19
Replying to @McDonaldsUK
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