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Junaid Anwar 14h
Wow the debugging is even harder and ram intensive
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spooky kaije 5m
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Palash Mondal Dec 7
🔥 An Introduction to ES6 Template Literals:
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Bulldogjob 16h
"Everyone likes to hate jQuery these days. [...] 5% is because of jQuery performance or architecture issues, and 95% is snobbery"
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Manuel Bieh ⚛️ Dec 8
I've just read the 10th "How to structure a project" article. My experience from almost 10 Projects over the last 2.5 years with team sizes from 3 to 40 people: no matter how you do it you will always find something to complain about. There is no silver bullet.
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David Halewood Dec 5
Working on a project + delayedTrain == SuperReactGopher.
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ReactJS Dev 2h
Learn JSON and JSON Schema for Absolute Beginners ☞
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Advanced React Component Patterns - course by
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Julian Betancourt 36m
. ' advanced course is simply amazing! Ready to implement that new knowledge 😎
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✌️ Dec 7
I was quite frustrated when I found out that react-addons-perf has dropped support for React 16+. But it turns out to be pretty trivial to find performance bottlenecks in a React (Native) app with the Chrome Dev Tools (see before and after)
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Karl-EdwardJean-Mehu 7h
Currently looking for a . RTs are appreciated
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Error Handling using Error Boundaries in React 16 - lesson by
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Alin Gheorghe Dec 5
Because Uni happened, haven't practiced coding too much lately so... This is D2 of . Let's do this! all the way! Started learning React through and after I finish ReactJS: Part II I'm going to read a bit from the official docs. Wish me luck! 😀
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Mr. Kate Dec 9
. and I are honored to be included in 's to YouTube Rewind! Watch here: 👀⏪
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N A V E E N 🇮🇳 Dec 4
Prototype a React app right in your browser using & download app locally & use 'react-scripts' which are setup automatically to develop & build app for production. by
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Bundle a React App with Parcel - lesson by
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Alex Sicart Ramos Dec 8
React for landing pages? 😎
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TechAffinity Dec 9
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Jessica Cottrell Dec 7
I'm working on memorizing the component lifecycle methods in and I decided to draw my interpretation as a react party!!! This is my first coding cartoon so it's not perfect!
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Higher Order Components with Functional Patterns Using Recompose - course by
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