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BBC Breakfast Apr 4
Raw milk... Yes or no? 🤔🥛
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Dunsyre Blues Mar 7
Way to go! and the Scottish cheesemakers hit their crowdfunding target for 1st stage of legals against authorities. Fantastic to see public backing they are getting. Now onto the stretch target for more legal clout
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Adrian Fisher Mar 30
In my quest for good nutritious food I am looking for any farmers out there still allowed to sell it? @johnRichardso28
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Whole Life Festival Feb 11
Calling all people involved in the production of in the UK. Please have your say. Raw milk drinkers responses welcome too.
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Dora’s Dairy Natural Raw Milk and Pasture Fed Beef Mar 6
Raw milk cheese from The Ethical Dairy in the shack today. #dorasdairy
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Artisan Food Law ® Jun 17
So it looks like hospital sandwiches are much riskier than a glass of ... but big corporates make profit from crap sandwiches so that's OK? More deaths in sandwich listeria outbreak
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FoodStandardsAgency Aug 20
Do you know the difference between pasteurised and unpasteurised milk? Find out from our FSA expert Narriman Looch here:
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Avoid —it’s just not worth the risk. Learn why you should always choose pasteurized milk.
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Christine Page Apr 22
Spring is when from cows at pasture contains the highest levels of & concentrated in butter & reflected in the brilliant yellow colour. Here's some I made earlier...
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Sarah 🌻 Mar 7
See...... keep your paws of my Cheese It's these little bags of salad that I'd be more worried about eating!
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St. Jude Cheese Aug 12
Isn’t it fascinating to see two cheeses that both started life as St.Cera? Two different ripening regimes on the same cheese give St.Jude & St.Cera the beauty of what you can do with a living product 😁
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Chris Hendel Mar 12
Could the Raw Milk Boom Be a Lifeline for Struggling Farmers? via Risky business. "Of particular concern is the fact that illnesses contracted from can be severe...and they tend to disproportionately affect children under age five."
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Always choose pasteurized milk over . Learn more about raw milk and why it’s risky
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Stackyard Mar 6
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Jos Bosch Jul 9
📬🛬from Accy 🥛🔴⚪️⚽️ Thanks a lot mate
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China Daily Mar 28
If it's not made with raw milk, it's no gouda.
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BBC Learning English Apr 12
🥛Do you like milk? 🐄Lingohack brings you a report about the popularity of raw milk. And this makes Phil very happy. You can watch the report on our website and learn new vocabulary:
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Vincent Iannelli, MD Mar 17
Vaccine hesitancy is a symptom of larger beliefs in pseudoscience. This type of false balance reporting helps fuel it. No health benefits to , which is dangerous and lacks vitamin D.
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Soft cheese made with unpasteurized can contain harmful germs. Choose cheese made with pasteurized milk.
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Thornby Moor Dairy Mar 14
That time of day when you think your never going to get all the curd in the moulds.
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