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🔱 Kr 4h
Replying to @faroos_95
1917, 2019 Genre: War, Action, Drama Top Movie Tags: Must Watch | Strong Acting Powerful Visuals | Emotional Realistic OVERALL RATING: 9.1/10 (See below for details) Movie Budget: 90-100 million USD 🌶
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wideright_sportscards 20h
going to continue this trend until goodell is fired. Sucks when the fix is in ....
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Tracy Pereira Jan 17
So, I’m watching a food rescue show and I hear this....”I’m going to create the finest custom rack and lay down the best wood..” I mean does anyone review the editing? Wait, I know who did that..😉although, smart possibly a smart move. 📈 🤣🤣🤣
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Michelle #RemoveTrump 🆘 🌹 Jan 19
Replying to @JYSexton
I think the corporate media know this and just don't care - they're not stupid. It's all about 😭
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Rawly Witches Of Eastwick Jan 19
Replying to @WalderSports
Stephen A suggesting a Kuzma for Booker deal tells you everything you need to know about 🇺🇸 media.
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Jeff Welsh Jan 13
Hey FREDO, not exactly even reporting..... no critical thinking during Obama’s Whitehouse. Hummmm. Let get after it. don’t matter
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Fresh Tomatoes Movie Podcast Jan 19
This Sunday, all we're asking from ya'll is to leave us a comment and a rating on your favourite podcatcher app. We would be forever grateful and Simone will name her children and future cats after you (Chad totally did not get Simone's consent for this).
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K92 Jan 17
We got our radio report cards today... Days like today simply do not happen without you and your support.
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TV Blackbox News 📺 Jan 13
Overnight Multi-Channel Ratings for Monday 13 January 2020 Data©OZTAM
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Mj Jan 18
Love how uses a ticker to show more info in the ratings section of the restaurant page Starts with rating & . Then changes to show feedback on packaging, portion etc Ticker UI usage was limited to news channels and flight info at airports etc 1/n
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ω๏๏∂y Jan 13
: NCIS: LA, God Friended Me Rebound
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BD Jan 17
Replying to @fuckcancer56
Fuck CNN for etc... Far to often editorial and journalistic integrity is sacrificed for ratings.
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The Hearts club 12h
Think back was running like they do now whole day stories on just Trump even whole rallys. Dems(Hillory) got 15min air if lucky, and THEY are still doing it today to try and fix that but it's still all about Trump
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G Chang ⛩🍕🏅 Jan 15
Replying to @BillyReinhardt
out of context - it fits the convenient narrative that Kyrie is moody, unstable and a poor leader. however if you read / listen to his entire thought...... I don’t take issue w it. It’s clear this seasons team needs a forward. Taurean can’t play the 4 defensively.
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Ava Bloom Jan 13
In lesson 1.3, I learned the rating of an advertisement is the percentage of the media market that will likely be exposed to it.
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Jess Griffin Ⓥ 🌺⏳🕉🔮 Jan 16
Replying to @aaronjmate
What an awkward time to come say hi. Poor Steyer. My question is why did she have to do this on stage? She could have approached him back stage. This whole thing stinks of a set up. It’s why I don’t trust any of them, except Tulsi.
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Reginafutch Jan 17
I believe Trump will get a second term.He keeps the media rich and the ratings instead of stating the obvious that if he were anyone else he would be in jail.They keep talking like the law that impeached Clinton and Nixon has changed.
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MarketBeat 7h
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MarketBeat 10h
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Gramma Jules 14h
Replying to @maydaymindy9
It worked in 2016. Remember when Less Moonves said it was bad for America, but great for CBS? How people quickly forget.
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