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Pando'n'Pip 2h
His favorite phrase right now. Over and over and over....
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Agnes Randolph 19h
Asked my son what he and his girlfriend wanted for Christmas ... he replied " Trump & his Cabinet removed from office."
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Christine Glenn Graham Nov 9
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Benjamin Chase 20h
Introducing my children to Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers.
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Katrina Nov 9
When the first thing your son says to you is "good morning beautiful" ❤
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Brett Shelton Nov 12
Replying to @AverageRunnerK
Wow, how does that happen?
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Amanda El Shemi Nov 11
How Cute Are These Kids Singing “Hallelu”?!?!
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Neeley Nov 15
Replying to @vandy_62
Actually I’m da mom. I take my kids and they love the Dores too.
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Dr. Shawna Resnick 21h
My children aren’t even phased at me yelling at my TV anymore 😂😂
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Jerred Yancey Nov 9
The first podcast my daughter subscribed to was Dr. White
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Matthew Hall 4h
Like uncle, like niece. Raiding my wallet for stickers during story time.
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Katie Nov 15
It just warms my heart to hear my 5 yr old mildly threaten her dolls while she plays with them 😂
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AmBIvalent CoriN7e ⚾ 🏳️‍🌈 Nov 13
Replying to @Touchdown_al
My kids wouldn't share theirs, so I eventually had to give in and buy my own Switch. We have entirely too many consoles in the house, mostly because I'm not willing to give up my gaming time to them.
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J. Marshall Nov 15
The Marshall’s are ready for the big game tomorrow! 😜
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John Salewicz Nov 14
Replying to @NYeoman
I have 3 kids and i refuse to watch them and my kids don’t ask either
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Tiffany ⭐️ Nov 9
Replying to @paysoninho
That’s beautiful.
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Andy Long Nov 15
Replying to @Taylorr1114 @WWEonFOX
Congratulations Taylor all the best for your family
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Bethany Dreher Nov 13
I just introduced my six year-old to and he wanted to stay in the car to listen to all of .
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Dani Stroud Nov 13
Replying to @greenjeep41
I’m not sure if Will loves wrestling more or the playlist more.
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Coach Hodges 𓅓 Nov 15
We may not have had football long but this place gets it! Thank you Anderson-Shiro Elementary for the awesome send off! You guys rock!
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