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Chowkidar- Ash V Apr 21
Replying to @NSdeshbhakt
Awareness is the key. Earlier people didn't know much about or article 370, hence they were easily misled. Now most of these information is on public portal. People have access to it. Most importantly, there's an anger now against this elite class.
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Timid Lion 9h
- Check out our post yesterday! It features a illustration and it went from sketch to final.
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Arpan Chaturvedi Apr 23
Review petitions in the case will be heard by the Supreme Court next Tuesday
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Chowkidar Goutam Mitra Apr 21
: admits in Supreme Court that He Lied and Fleeced Indian People ! Said He said in the heat of Campaigning ! For Million Times? What a Big Slap in the Face of ,
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Pranjal Patel 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 12h
100 Million’s euros I take ur figure Mr economics ! For. Mere 900 crores offset orders ! And that too sassily would invest hahah u urself. Making a point that their is some chori in by
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विजेंद्र Vijendra Apr 22
Liar admits in writing to Indian Supreme Court that he lied on calling Prime Minister all sorts of name. Now it’s the turn of Indian voters to root out, give one last mighty kick on the backside of these corrupt Gandhis & their rotten ecosystem
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socho Apr 21
From Day1 has been acting a stooge for govt. what is the reason for giving wrong judgement on , what is the reason for not heeding for PIL against EVM. India will be finished because of these stooge and independence of judiciary is gone for toss.
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Chochy 1h
Hello!!!!!! This is heart breaking! Come on! poor 😭
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Saurav Mitra Apr 22
DON'T LIE!! This is a lie just like ur degrees. RG has never apologised anywhere about , neither will he ever, because . Now when u lose this time, will commit suicide out of shame? or u don't have any shame. How much more will u lie, but u won't win!
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Gaurang Apr 22
Replying to @RahulGandhi @INCIndia
This is a huge for & on !
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She seems to have made her choice... but the book is not over! Are you team or ? All new TONIGHT at 9/8c on
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Namood Syed Apr 22
Fabio followed up his shock victory over
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चौकीदार SudhirPA Apr 22
Replying to @IndiaToday
He has gone mad & knows nothing else except foolish deal which is reason for frustration among commission khor Congress. Everyone knows now, who all have share in offset of 30K crores & Reliance has only fraction of it. Only this doesn't know.
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RajSRE 22h
your campaign on failed miserably. Just check video.
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Chowkidar Abhi:🚩 Apr 22
Enough of & . Request 2 provide proof of alleged scam by PM 2 d public now.If U do so,I & my whole family with neighbours will join . If U don't have any, you must join as chowkidar.
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Hisac Apr 22
All the time Now today expresses regret in court for his lies What he thinks, that public is fool, not going to validate his verdict?? How a stand in any Stage?
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Anil Chandhok Apr 17
And what is money paid so far to ?
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Manoj Mishra Apr 22
Pappu caught red handed while lying
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Vikas Saxena Advocate Apr 22
apologizes unconditionally wid folded hands4 misleading public on review of by SC, declaring it in heat of d moment which is merely n eyewash & inadmissible because he has been repeating it before & after d order of SC , deserves punishment
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Apoorv Apr 22
Replying to @AskAnshul
What a shame. Finally Rahul Gandhi speaks the truth, all this time he was lying with the Indians. Rafael Deal was legit and it was a no scam deal but he still called Chowkidar Chor hai! APOLOGISE TO THE INDIANS!
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