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Golden Rule 7: Beware pixel squeezers. Some radiologists will try to convince you of the significance of tiny isolated abnormalities only a few pixels across. You can safely ignore them; they are making it up.
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is back with more Golden Rules of Radiology - The final batch of 30
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Charles Kahn, MD 9h
Learn about future applications of AI in -- join the Webinar on Dec. 11 at 11am EST, led by ! Expert will describe AI activities and highlight AI's emerging future in .
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Benoît Rizk 24m
You know you work too hard and you need to take a break in for pretty soon, when you start seeing paranormal things in your examinations and your thyroid nodule ultrasound starts screaming at you.
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Nicole Saphier, MD Nov 13
Hey , to continue our conversation from last night... take a look at the X-ray: what is it and more importantly, where is it?
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Dr. Nikhil R M DNB Rad 55m
15 YM VP shunt status complains of headache under NCCT evaluation. Comment on findings and etiology of it.
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Zarak Khan 1h
Vinaka vakalevu to President Dr Suresh De Silva & all 110 radiologists & sonographers volunteering your time towards strengthening radiology services in & across - as part of It was a pleasure addressing your inaugural gala dinner
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Benoît Rizk Nov 12
Oh Jesus, what am I gonna write in my report ? Jesus-peritoneum ? Holy gastric polyp ? Passion of the Christ rib exostosis ? A case of I ate my crucifix for breakfast ? Correlate clinically and spiritually ? Not sure AI will outperform radiologists in cases like this.
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James Davis, MD Nov 13
After 10 years of postgrad training, I finally have a seat at the adult table. So excited for what the future holds for me and
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EnvoyAI Nov 13
EnvoyAI is the world’s first AI marketplace and platform featuring best-of-breed AI content - Premium curated AI content with over 70 algorithms from leading innovators and 15 already cleared by the FDA.
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Ara Kassarjian 18h
19 y.o. training for marathon. Progression of tibial stress reaction (upper images) to stress fracture (lower images). Had he stopped running when told to do so, he may have only been out a few weeks instead of months. He missed the marathon.
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School of Medicine 11h
Multimodal radiological imaging is spurring new perspectives on diagnosis and treatment. Read more about UAB’s state-of-the-art imaging capabilities and cutting-edge research here:
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No. 75: What does 'alternative medicine' mean to you?
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BJR Journals 13h
Technical note Quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in a VX2 rabbit liver tumour model using different gadolinium-based contrast agents: comparison of DCE-MRI quantitative results between Magnevist and Eovist
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Lexington Diagnostic 9h
Yes, we have the best equipment for your needs, but that’s just 1 reason why is the right choice. Since 1984, we've been leading the way providing -centered excellence without the hospital price tag. Imaging services are YOUR choice.
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Tan-Lucien Mohammed, MD Nov 13
- can you make the diagnosis on this coned down view?
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James Davis, MD 5h
Case Conference Staff - Is there a differential? My brain: Don't say it Don’t say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Me: Lymphoma can look like this Staff: 🤦‍♂️😢
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The Roadie winner for Imaging Informatics -- Imaging clinical decision support pilot reveals factors for success
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Amy Kotsenas, MD Nov 13
I haven’t seen any indications that will reduce the need for . In fact, this is a truly exciting time to be in !
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BJR Journals Nov 13
BJR|case reports, the open access case reports journal of the BIR, is now indexed in PubMed Central! Find out more about the journal and submit your case report or technical note here:
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