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Kurt Bardella Jul 16
Just to be clear, 193 members of the House Conference just openly supported the use of language by the ... 193 members of Congress who are more than just , more than just , they are, themselves,
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Jester Jul 17
compared Black PEOPLE to DOGS
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Raul A. Maestri, Jr. Jul 18
Replying to @RepMarkWalker
Profiles in chickenshit.......
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Louisvegas MICH(ael) #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #Resist Jul 18
The impressionable, elementary-age girl at caught my attention, too, ! To see her look around inquisitively & echo as if by osmosis crowd’s disgusting, chant absolutely chilled & sickened me beyond belief! Shame on her parents!🤭
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⁩ Having a night out with his political advisors
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Laura E Teller Jul 17
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Oddly, your own employment manual says your tweets ARE 🤔.
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rookie cook 23h
Disgusting can’t find enough eejits to join her protest so is now trying to buy homeless people off for tea and sandwiches. New low even for this bottom-dweller.
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Rain_LA🌷🌸🌷 9h
I never watch but for some God forsaken reason I'm watching it this morning and that bint carol mcgiffen has to be on. Britain has found her substitute hatey flopkins. 🤬
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Stop Trump 🍷 18h
Every time opens his mouth he proves he is a
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Democco Atcher 20h
Replying to @NtheMike
lol keep trying to pretend...
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Bigbadbrad Jul 17
The block didn’t take long! I guess being called isn’t what she had in mind for today!
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Dr. Dena Grayson Jul 16
🔥: "What do you do when the leader of the free world is a ?....You file a resolution condemning the for comments directed at Members of Congress....You file Articles of ."
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Lynnette Wesley Jul 16
So this is happening while trump is tweeting about his little party. Thank you to the House for standing up for what is right. And if you NEVER lived with racism on a daily basis please keep your opinions to yourself and let the experts tell you that his ass is
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Dr. Dena Grayson 20h
👇🏼EXACTLY👇🏼 The “Send Her Back” chant at ’s rally appeared totally planned. As does Trump’s fake “repudiation.”🙄
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Isis 5h
You're still cunts and I'd still push you instead of watching that stupid music video you horribly made 😂😂
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MrsMartyn 🔸 Jul 18
Baroness Hayter has had no communication from the “leader’s” office. She’s found out via the cult fanzine Skwawkbox that she’s been sacked. This really is an absolute disgrace. Chicken Corbyn strikes again.
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habiba Jul 16
So I’m on Snapchat and this is an ad that plays in between me watching stories... is this a ad in 2019 or have I over analyzed and got this all mixed up? Someone explain.
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aquamarine Jul 18
Replying to @DiamondandSilk
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DonJT_be_a_dick 5h
Replying to @charliekirk11
Trump is still a btw.
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KirstenKennedy #ImpeachTrumpNow 18h
Replying to @Loretta23000941
Project much?
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