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Miran 5h
1/4 V.good LECTURE (as always) by chief ..delineating what are ACTUAL GANDHIAN IDEALS! Only query: 1.Gandhi never shied from rebuking his own followers that broke away from his principles..Are they ready to do it? 2.Slightly political views on ..
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Nowahala Tours 3m
Situated at the foot of Mountain, within a stone’s throw from the and in the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour.
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Lightning 100 21h
Did you catch this week's episode of with ? Listen to the complete interview and get their recipe for roasted chicken with grapes! Flavored by !
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Manav 3h
Replying to @ChouhanShivraj
I disagree whit you Mr Chouhan if some party have introduced such policies then people like you have supported it and provoked it against development
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AJ 5h
Anyone who thinks reservation is not meant to be should first offer himself to take up this job.. manuvaad sucks. It must burn in ashes in pyre of constitutional safeguards to dalits. We need honest government to implement reservation policy to hilt.
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Milind Goraksha Sep 16
How many countries in the world have on religion creed caste, that deems it necessary to deliberate upon. the Constitution of India by , have no mention about increasing its tenure or expansion.
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Sanjeeb- आलू का ब्यापारी Sep 13
This video says everything about
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Chef Ali Vaidya 6h
Replying to @AuntyHindutva
Manu ya na Manu but this RSS Chef is hurting the casteist sentiments of my Sanghi Kids. We Sanghis helped Modi ji win casteist youth votes in 2014 on the basis of "No More Reservations" Jumla... and now udhar bhi U-turn? Such a Chrislamocommie Fiberal! 😳
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Twenty One Steak 19h
Food & Wine Sampling 2018! $25 Per Person (Receive 20% Off Dinner on Event Night). Sign up soon as seating is limited. To make , call 719-931-1921.
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Jamie Mendez 14h
to & team for pulling out all the stops to get me to LA in time to before emergency surgery ! ! !
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Anil Kumar Shukla 5h
Replying to @eOrganiser
They wouldn't decide that they No longer need now.., it's a Nightmare..!!! 🤔
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Anurag Chaurasia Sep 10
Replying to @chaurasiaanurag
so the with most idiotic demands for were a success and the one with concrete issues like was a flop as it was from the opposition.
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Kim Seghers Sep 18
If your traveling to Pigeon Forge, TN for Thanksgiving check out our list of restaurants that are taking reservations NOW! Full list here --> … via
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Divya_Asks Sep 13
Replying to @muglikar_
May lord Ganesh🙏, bring sanity & lessen Greed of Richi~Rich among That they follow teachings and forgo reservations for their decendents so that economically weak, Poor among dalits get a chance at too
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G.Venu Sep 19
First BAN to Reservations
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Karn Jani Sep 11
It would definitely smell of arrogance.. But if you are facing desperate times, then such desperate measures might work.. Mind you, it's no solution to the already spreading disease of \ ..
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Andrew Mohan Charles Sep 11
Guaranteed Basic Income not is the answer to addressing caste and economic disparity in India
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Frustrated Indian Sep 13
Company owner who is from general casts should order HR team to first recruit candidates from general casts only. Then only choose candidates from reserved casts. Let's give to casts at least in private jobs.
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KoolDreddy Sep 16
This puerile logic is how ended up living in concentration camps, we euphemistically call "". There is no expiration date on justice. If your grandfather stole my grandfathers land and you live on it, YOU gotta move
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winner2008 Sep 18
Meritocracy is d only way to progress. n reflect our current state.
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