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Steve Q Williams Sep 17
Sack whitey ✅ Replace with black person ✅ Bonus points awarded for: LGBTQ ✅ Wheelchair ❌ Well done BBC. £100m Diversity programme going well 👏🏻
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Marcher Sep 17
Excellent, the BBC have picked a black lesbian as the new host.
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rafaela symonds 13h
😜🍑 Hi there Guys! Who exactly intends to see my p*ssy? Retweet plus follow me 💜
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TOKA Sep 17
Can anyone work out why Alex Scott, who has won 5 league titles, 7 F.A. Cups, a Champions League, has 140 caps for England and holds a degree in professional sports writing & broadcasting, would be a good choice to present Question Of Sport? It's a mystery.
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Kelly Sotherton Sep 17
Can we start a petition to get Sue Barker back onto QoS? 😔
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Lots complaining that people are being Racist for not liking the fact Alex Scott is taking over as the host of Then calling them Gammons which in itself is racist terminology. My heads spinning.
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LordScottBrianLindquist Sep 17
I don’t watch Question of Sport, I don’t find Sue Barker funny. I don’t find Alex Scott funny and I still won’t watch If I had to sleep with one of them, Alex Scott all day...So she gets my vote!
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