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thepbay Aug 9
Replying to @pbay08
1.15 round was basically all institutional funds. Including and . UK. Welcome to find other companies they have invested in. GL
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thepbay Jul 18
Replying to @BizzarroTrader
LOL. Ya, and supporting a "0 rev model" Anyway, nice talk. U should brush up on the margin business of extraction. Never heard of a guy talk about inputting 3700 acres of farm land &generating 0 rev. explains the low amount of followers/ high "following"
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thepbay Jul 31
You big trader you, 8ema 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I will play with the big money in the stock. Its a Canaccord deal, filled w/ brokers and 2 UK funds. and . U should do yourself a favor and do 20mins of DD, reading is more important than your 8ema.
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