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Philip Turner Apr 18
Happy I could support the UK small presses & by buying the new story "A Stone Statue in the Future," his contribution to their fund drive.
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BookStudies_WWU Apr 23
Houses of literature in D/A/CH band together to offer books published over the past few weeks a "2nd spring": spotlight on new titles, authors & topics which may have gone unnoticed during the pandemic: via
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Pawan Dhingra May 1
Yes, . First world problems, as they say. Thanks for your kind words.
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Mara Cloutier Apr 10
Our paper on fungal communities and cover crops is finally out! Fungal community shifts in soils with varied cover crop treatments and edaphic properties
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Stephanie Scott Mar 26
I met my book for the first time today - via Zoom!! This is the gorgeous holding a finished hardback of WHAT’S LEFT OF ME IS YOURS ❤️🤩❤️ coming soon with beautiful detailing & gold foil APRIL 21st
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