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DJ Villeza Aug 13
When the writer blocks you, and deletes your comment, that’s when you know walang panama mga mahihinang arguments. ?
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Steve haden Aug 15
What QPR fans have been fooled by Amit becoming the new Chairman ?
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West Side Tory Aug 13
So is this rant.
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Duffy The Milkman 1h
Wow. Saves about $400k in extra salary a year. Should cover a couple of Crown limo bills.
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Tracy White 2h
Replying to @BBCNews
Deffo something 'fishy' about this. You would say you fell off the back of the 'ship'. Not the name of it. 10hrs at sea..really??
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Rick Shir Aug 18
Replying to @kare11
This isn't real.
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mark w Aug 17
Flacco had funds tied up.
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Unlimited Group Aug 17
Senior Creative; at shares his thoughts on Airbnb's backfired PR stunt that caused a media storm! ⛈️
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Susan Sutton (Actor) Aug 15
..... poor little rich girl! 😡🤡💩👎
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Ziggyba Aug 14
Replying to @RealAlexJones
This is fake. Just Alex Jones and his minions performing some lame theatre to get attention so he can cry censorship.
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Whitley Gilbert Arenas Aug 14
Ohh chile...Nicki and Safaree probably sitting next to each right now...
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Alex Cuevas PAF Aug 14
Replying to @LukeSmithF1
Vaya forma de honrar al y para mister .. A verdad que es el mejor del mundo y tiene
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Smoke Giver Aug 13
Siri, Play “Heard it all Before.” By Sunshine Anderson
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mike hosking. from our right wing c word
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Sholex Aug 12
We all know K West is an attention seeker who says yes meaning no. All he does is
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Speak Smart Aug 11
Replying to @sportslarryknbr
Retiring his number is saying the cheating doesn't matter. He went his first 7 seasons never hitting over 34 HR. Suddenly it all changed. Pujols hit over 34 all but 1 one of his first 7 yrs. Schmidt did it 5 of first 7. Hard to separate the drugs from the performance.
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. Aug 11
Replying to @tony_turton
Pathetic isn’t it chap!? Really hope he fails miserably purely because there r so many better coaches out there!
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TheSheepleResistance Aug 11
Replying to @DeutscheBank
Are you helping tech like crypto currency businesses? You know, to make money laundering easier for Russia and the ?
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Replying to @CNBC
Why the infomercial about the justices ; and paid for by who ???
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Stu M Aug 10
Replying to @_GlennCollier
Applying pressure would be publicly telling other countries to sort their shit out. Not a "conversation" on the beach about introducing stupid rules just for clicks.
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