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Kayla Schwoerer Aug 27
I see Wilma’s working real hard at her duties 😍
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Jui Lab Sep 25
Double benefits of the boss on vacation: no group meeting, full time office puppy.
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Flo Keppeler Jan 19
Replying to @SchwoerersKayla
To be clear: Wilma is the buddy you need - at least if you ask her 😜
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Julia Riley Sep 10
is listening closely to the afternoon talks at . What a life!
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Flo Keppeler Oct 27
Thanks to great supporters, I finished in 3h 29min 47sec of the week -running at
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Mike Weintraub Aug 26
at home and at work. Hardest working
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Flo Keppeler Jan 12
of the week | at | Wilma enjoying the snow - reading the recent article on job mobility of millenials of |
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Katie Grogan πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬πŸ§¬ May 2
Maki maybe should have been a forensic anthropologist
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Dr Kate Umbers 8 Jan 19
Replying to @Seiurus
Can’t go wrong with a
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Soulless PhD Nov 6
Hey your baby shirt also nicely fits my little pupper 😁😁😁
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Julia Riley Sep 11
He is here ! And, loving it! 🐢❀️
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Flo Keppeler Dec 23
Followers of of the week | some cookies prepared for you, but the was faster | Is this ? Wilma inspired by article of et al
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Julia Riley Apr 22
Happiest 4th Gotcha Day to ! The best companion that loved 🦎 from the start! It’s been 4 years, 2 continents, 2 PhDs between and myself, and so many adventures.
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We just love Marley! K9 number 2 loved by our intern Ryan and the rest of the world we think! He is a great little postman and collects the post in the morning but does have the habit of opening it for everyone also!
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Rasie Mar 3
πŸ™‡ I always like to say! The truth is what you believe. Keep in mind.
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Peter Guhl ( Oct 22
I should program an client named which eats your mail.
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