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Al Adnani Qamar Sep 14
: against ! The RICHEST and co with collusion of their ,not having been satisfied by the effectiveness of the Spanish flu... etc, reduce the World ,they CREATED -19 !
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Bol Magazine 19m
“India’s population is not growing by a high margin anymore and is almost at the replacement rate” Read it here:
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🇨🇦Tarulata Tasnim Sep 18
Replying to @ExMuslimBlogger
In 15 years, Sharifa delivers her 13th child☹☹
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Pawan #प्रशासक समिति #KRT 5m
Prepare for population control law Only one disease of 100 problems in the country ..! Pn16
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Infineon Sep 17
There are many challenges with demographic change that can already be solved with the help of digitization. Check out more:
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Vijay Thuse 2m
Growth of in Western Countries 1945 - 2019 via
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Rui M M Brito Sep 12
Global Population density clusters
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Tej Kohli 24h
: While average income grew 4.4-fold, the global grew 3-fold to 7.5bn. Had the world not grown, a x3 increase in population would've meant everyone in the world would now be 3-times than in 1950. My latest blog:
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Martin Tye Sep 16
What if we were to take the size of the economy, ...then divide it by the number of people it must support? We might realise that growth is a not a viable basis for genuine p/capita progress.
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RA's RealNews Sep 16
🌐 WORD GROWS CA. EXPONENTIALLY - NOT enough supply for so many people! - NOT enough quality for so many people! - The world is NOT managed in a good way for so many people! - Sexual pairing totally wrong: billions with false fathers!
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NATO Foundation Sep 16
💠 The are suffering from change and rising . Take a look at the rates of loss in the region. More about and in the countries of the area at our ➡️
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APCRSHR10 Cambodia Sep 19
In lead up to , read insights on & in Asia Pacific from Virtual panelists. "Ageing is natural process & begins the moment one is born. But is not"
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Martin Tye 12h
The "growthist" consortium of economists/politicians/vested interests will never allow to stabilise, let alone fall, anywhere, ... because it's the main driver of growth & therefore growth (their key mechanism for profit growth).
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Israel's population continues to grow as we enter the new year! The birth of 170,000 babies and arrival of 25,000 people who moved to the country caused Israel's population to reach 9.25 million. 🇮🇱 . . .
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Statbel Sep 17
2,946 persons obtained the Belgian in June 2020. Want to know more?
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NST Geography Trips Sep 18
By 2100, the global population could surpass 11 billion, a useful infographic to illustrate projected population shifts by country between 2017 & 2100.
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Wanna know about latest trend of population worldwide? Check it out here:
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Samer I Asfour Sep 19
We need to be so cautious of the current trends happening decline, low , low and . These are the basics for any society to feel they belong.
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Itika 20h
That's why ... India soo need Control Bill
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Trivial Studies 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Sep 18
🌎 World Population 🌍🌏 What is the second most populous country to start with the letter A?
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