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Aaron Dripkowski Sep 14
Hillbilly style no jalapeño no onions with a side of fried pickles
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Chris Gayle 3h
Universe Boss spreading universal Joy! Signup on & use Code: GAYLE on your 1st deposit to get awesome rewards!
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Liz Simmons 11h
Still get excited when I go in a library and see lots of plays. I want to read them all
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a & to It- havoc with what's -You need a plan to Live -JesusChristGives&EmpowersLife-ASK
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Angelina LaBarre, BA, MLitt, MFA Sep 10
Started Lynn Nottage’s “Sweat” FINALLY
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AwesomeMovieBot 3h
Psycho meets Les diaboliques - Emily Rose portrays a rude detective. directs.
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scott krinsky 22h
Heading into our final weekend. ’sTrilogy Thur, Fri 8pm. Sat. 3pm. Sun. 7pm @ The New American Theatre
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Big Pistol Bets 23h
-125 **3 units** Lets get this
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Last Minute Lessons Reading and Audio 20h
Replying to @SThomasELAR
are a definite timeless creation. Ask
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SoundCloudHyper Sep 14
by helping us grow you help artists that partner with us - much love and thanks to our network of artists, labels, producers, promoters
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Haniyah Masowd 4h
Still on of cos I need it😉 I've that that's Haniyah's that 🎼🔔ding 🎼🔔 in my head with 🎛get here already o'gorgeous one😂 @charalampidouanna 😍😗❤
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Arthur Wooten Sep 19
Screencraft Short Screenplay Competition names quarterfinalists...The Lunch by Arthur Wooten. Woo-hoo!
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KWillDaKid 17h
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Trap Rockstar🐍🕺🏾🎸 Sep 19
Feel Like in the Trap everyday Im the bandman I get dough different ways comin soon🏚😈🐍🔥💪🏾
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Arts Ally 8h
: 'Marin Mazzie, Star of 'Ragtime' & 'Passion,' Dies at 57': "The beloved veteran earned 3 Tony Award nominations throughout her illustrious career."
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rose meade Sep 14
great commentary explains can read the . Love it
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Ms. Mastrogiovanni Sep 13
Second Grade listened to "The Invisible Boy" Then we took Play Writing 101 Students really enjoyed imagining a situation about welcoming a new student. Once the scripts are written and practiced we will be presenting them.
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Herman Johansen 4h
72 Plays and Musicals to See This Fall and Beyond
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