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Nicole Auerbach 😷 8 Oct 16
Replying to @NicoleAuerbach
See? Female sports fans are actually the smartest of all sports fans.
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Steve Letarte 24 Dec 14
So I brought a coffee into the line at Honey Baked. Man I have gotten some dirty looks.
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joaquΓ­n. 26 Jan 14
Replying to @Deez_swift_nutz
β€œ: @DonRascal_HP it's funny how that nigga got robbed from an album called "The Heist" ”
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Samir Bhana 26 Jul 14
Replying to @stephenpmc
got there before the queue!
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Ellie Freeman 29 Jan 15
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Christa Dubill 30 Jan 16
Shot it before we left πŸ‘
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Coastal RootsπŸ„πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸŒŠ 13 Apr 17
&Long launches from Harris Teeter-Country Club. Route has been closed for us.
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Ron Gallo 13 Nov 17
we play columbus tonight but who cares cus you cant get in unless you go see at A&R music bar
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Glenegedale House, Isle of Islay 13 Dec 17
Replying to @davidjbrodie @EdenMill
Already had to check ingredients up to day five 😊
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TommyB 5 Jan 16
Off the plane in Vienna now at hotel. and now enjoying my Sushi Rice/Edamame/Butternut/Broccoli Salad!
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Michael M 31 Aug 17
Panic in the streets! I'm still running on 3/4 tank of $1.99 gas from wk ago today b/c I knew this might happen.
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Charlotte Lamb 2 May 14
I'm still in bed. Mua ha ha x
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David Videcette 12 Apr 17
Replying to @HannahAlOthman
Haha. I got a special waterproof bag, thank god! . It's a fantastic experience.
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𝔖𝔱𝔲𝔭𝔦𝔑 𝔉𝔬𝔫𝔱 Apr 14
Amanda is coming to mardigras 2021 anyway. We will see ya there
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Benjamin 職人 15 Aug 14
no worries. Waterproof up to three feet
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Khaliun Amarburen 23 Jul 19
The show is moving so fast but I'm learning so much.. cant tweet and take notes fast enough but good thing I am also recording it!
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Debbie Cook 14 Mar 15
I picked up my piece last night & brought it home for today since have a busy schedule today -
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The Crowtographer 10 Sep 15
Going by Dave's stomping grounds on my way home tonight. Think I'll jump off and say a quick hello. &food
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John Lies 24 May 15
Booked a flight, will be there for Tues, Jesse Ullery calls tomorrow
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Robbin Brackett 31 Dec 17
Replying to @cutigercowgirl
I took Tuesday off
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