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Wendy Batz ⛟💨💨 9m
Replying to @sak_shoes
Thank you, all is right with the world again.
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h.h 🌲 Mar 24
still thankful at least one ticket gvf secured early bird
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thecyclingcult 7h
That awful, heart stopping, stomach sinking moment when there’s blood in your piss. Closely followed by the unbridled joy that comes with remembering that you had beetroot at lunchtime!
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Thais Sher 11h
I also wish she were more sensitive to the Seizures she causes me....I'm forever trying to Calm her down + I run out of energy! - Either way, Happy Purple day! - Now, have few hours to enjoy to myself here in Town! - ! - + then whether
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PU 2h
Are we thinking that we got through the international break with no injuries?!
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Fire🔥Bird 7h
Replying to @_Masterseye
When are ya gonna share white goods and introduce them to each other ?💕🎉
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Deborah Fern 49m
Had a momentary panic as I thought I’d lost my ducks (not a euphemism) - they are so tiny they took some finding in my rucksack :o
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Miss Henderson 8h
The Higher Psychology Assignments are all complete, packaged, and ready to go. 😅 Time for a cuppa.
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Kerryn Feehan Mar 25
Thought I heard my neighbor’s dog crying but listened closer & it was just their kid.
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Nur Banu Simsek Mar 24
Oh thank God I got Plato!
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Glen Hurst 15h
😂😂😂 that was you after scoring this week 😓
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stickycassette Mar 23
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Daron Oram Mar 25
Replying to @cookyh @matthewcock
Remember that we have one of ’s so, 44! !!
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Natasha Kong 24h
This morning I went to check if my avocados were the recalled ones, but then got distracted, forgot what I was doing and made avocado toast instead. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I checked later when I remembered and they are NOT the listeria ones. Praise God! 😂🙏🙌
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Rakyat | Ebooks 23h
Only makes no idea. Haha RT What type to check the patience
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Cathy James 1h
Can you add one simple Q to the assessment? Sure! (65 triggers and several hours later ...)
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MéeRose Mar 23
Just interrupted a meeting between a raccoon and a skunk. Still laughing at the mutual heart attack we all shared.
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Name 24h
My 🥑s are safe
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Alex Taubes 9h
Replying to @smmarotta
not an issue for Connecticut state courts where service precedes filing the complaint
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Lizzy Kelly🌹 15h
Replying to @AyoCaesar @bbclaurak
For a second I thought they had formally compared themselves to the KKK but I'm relieved to hear that it wasn't intended to cause controversy. Thanks for putting my mind at rest
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