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EconChick/IntelChick Feb 12
Pfffft. I disagree w Trump on things and have tweeted him accordingly. But after the almost miraculous things this man has done, your grotesque level of disrespect earns you disgust among us REAL conservatives who aren't tainted by $ or a need for click bait.
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Cosmic Rocket 23 Sep 17
Replying to @KevinBartlett29
To which the AFL should and must tell them…. that they don’t have to take the field if they don’t want. Choice is their’s.
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Spanners🔧🔧 Jun 29
Hamilton's response to the penalty What a diva!!!
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Peter L. Quint 12h
, you ! You don't deserve to be treated nicely!
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Scott 🐝🐝 is doing...writing, editing & creating Aug 1
His , is . Only makes him & despite glitch summering in cellar. Emerges. Fades into crowd of distant family. 125-130 1147
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Lynn Stop #GOPTerrorism Sep 27
! That's the word for White man privilege has met its end.
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CDRK 5 Mar 18
Replying to @Acosta @PressSec
Hey for future reference this is what looks like.
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Martin Crane 2 Apr 18
What a farcical red card though from Chris Lines, if I was I'd be making him make own way home! 2 bookings for dissent in 2 minutes, with a warning inbetween!
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♀DeplorableWendiWolf 23 Sep 17
Let's HOPE SO, are these guys REALLY ROLE MODELS? No wonder COPS are getting shot left and right - drugs, violence in schools
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Andrei Rublev ►Drei  1 May 18
😂 The Impatient Patient Gets A Lolly 😂
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GPickman 31 Jan 18
Replying to @FoxNews @TuckerCarlson
Why give these children a platform? Good grief!
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Julia Peacock Dec 20
Pouting over a wall he promised to make Mexico pay for, the POTUS decides to shut down the government mere days before the holidays. Nothing says Merry Christmas or America First more than laying off thousands of employees.
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JB Jun 6
Replying to @SenSchumer
It’s all about Chuck, and don’t you forget it.
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Shane McInnes 25 Jan 18
Good to see Kyle Edmund picking up where Andy Murray left off 🙄
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SoloDee Sep 6
So a drunk throws a red wristband in the trash, which resulted in an uproar in the house. Let's call it the silly actions of a drunk, grown ass man. had told him earlier that he was drunk when he was really drunk and out of it.
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Balerno Athletic FC 30 Apr 18
On the end of a sore 5-1 loss tonight through in Carluke. Tough to round a team for midweek travels like tonight, credit to those who did! MOTM and toepoke goal from gaffer 👏🏻 Scenes at the opposite end for Tim Flowers in the sticks
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Dr.Sudeep 5 Feb 18
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
thank you for staying classy, to the point. There isn’t much to do other than the . We believe in you and know that .
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sandie covey 16 Oct 17
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robyn🌵 22 Mar 18
Replying to @KyleKashuv
It's really hard to treat you like the adult you want to be treated like when you're so willing to try to tear down or taunt others. Your use of a hashtag made for sexual assault victims to find solidarity is a disrespectful slight, and you know it.
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Petty Betty Apr 30
Not going to lie, I would really have expected him to use the Mariah gif with this tweet. Honestly would not have surprised me!
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