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AlanAutry3 23h
I keep hearing the term “Trumpism”in the media but for the life of me I haven’t found anyone that can explain Exactly what that means.
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Brian Thompson 9h
I recall when Dems said when Trump lost he would claim illegitimacy. 3 years now Dems have claimed illegitimacy and are now claiming a 2020 Trump win would be illegitimate. Are we now saying elections can never be trusted?
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Quite Fetching LLC Jan 22
, Maybelle just heard your 20lb rule to the best in show...
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Darina Jan 19
Hey How do you deal with trolls? I am not really good at keeping my mouth shut and love to express my opinion. Not really sure if it is diplomatic to answer troll on my blog. What should I do?
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Alan Autry Jan 20
Trumpism. I hear folks in the media use that word all the time but still can’t quite figure out what it actually is.
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Slick Sweaty Jan 15
Hmmm 🤔 have company accounts unfollowing me because I retweeted hat giveaway. Yet all the media personnel doing this have sex daily or more than once a week.
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Fantasweets Jan 17
what am i doing wrong? C2 error every time for buttonholes.....
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untonyto Jan 21
In other news my ex who left in December is now married.
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@Nick Tountas Jan 21
Replying to @angelawya
I’m in construction where 95% of us represented are male and I’ve never seen a female coworker treated like this. Oddly enough my wife works in an office where the split of men to women is approx 60/40 and she says this happens often.
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Anonymous American 23h
Replying to @marklevinshow
Can one be both "Shameless" and "Shameful"?
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DreA Jan 20
My weed man: Alright I gotta go I have to meet my bowling team Me: what the fuck! you bowl?! Weed man: yeah I’m tired you thinking all I do is ratchet shit, I’m normal like everyone else and I’m in bed by 9 😂😂😩
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Wise Dawg Jan 22
I find it hard to believe Jackson would do this?
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Dan Devine Jan 18
When your kids tell you they kind of like the shoes you're trying on but "not on a dad"!?!
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Louise Ashton Jan 19
Replying to @aymenbolton
A day later and I’m still searching for an adequate response that would equal your elite sense of humour 😂😂🤝👌
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Martyn White Jan 19
Can I ask why you're so obsessed with charging £8.00 for everything?
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Peter Bennet Jan 20
Replying to @paulmasonnews
Don't recall anything going wrong. .
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Edward Johnson Jan 16
Replying to @RoddyRicch
“I done hit a lick with the box, had to put the stick in the box....”🤔 So am I the only one who don’t know what the “box” is...? 😭
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Stanley Rosen Jan 18
How Many People Have You Helped In Life...And Then They Turn There Life Around And Hurt You?
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Gauts 🇯🇲 Jan 20
Every morning when that crosses girl walk in at work a suh me feel.
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Sara Buck Jan 20
please could you update me of the tickets for Newcastle. I purchased mine last Wednesday and they still haven't arrived
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