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Jwgard1969@gmail com 22h
Wow, what a this guy needs some prison time, and shouldn't have any further contact with children .
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NegroSauce83 Mar 17
So Romeo Lacoste, WolfieRaps and R Kelly walk into a club... They realise something and leave. What is this realisation?
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sabrina Mar 19
The definition of pedophilia doesn’t say “if it’s the norm then it’s not pedophilia” it says if someone has sexual attraction towards younger children it’s pedophilia and if Muhammad had sex with her obviously he was attracted to her and took advantage of her
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Shea Pascal 19h
Replying to @horrortownusa
That definitely qualifies as horror.
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Rahul Vyas 19h
Replying to @UmarKhalidJNU
We are glad that neither we are following a nor do we are following a Mass Murderer ...
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jeivii Mar 20
Crazy heavy tribute to from this skeezy DJ.
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Chuck Schumkersh!tz' 20h
Replying to @robreiner
He’s part of the Tell me Meathead... Who in there right mind would scream from the mountain tops and not run for office..? It’s a sign of somebody who has something major to hide you👌🏻
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Shaq Mar 15
Says the guy who tweeted about liking them young and who himself is over 40. You were exposed as a
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Drectar_Duquene Mar 18
I'm not a pedophile, but I like my women early access.
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The Anxious Athenian 3h
Sometimes I feel like google is that creepy older man with authority trying to make you hang out, and you too scare to say no.
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Strainallurineboy Mar 19
Replying to @Milabs_survivor
your killed these your run the rings as they do in and as all have a shaped hat as they do in all locations they put their thumbs in their belts and rock back and forth on
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𓂀 Mar 18
Replying to @888Velvet @CalvinAyre
Waiting for to drop, looks like already moon
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Kevin Lewis Mar 20
be friends with niggas that’s sophomores in high school and I be like how do you know these you these young ass niggas 😂😂
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Cas (hates the GOP) Mar 15
Replying to @hisfanatic
For the people who don’t /care/, look no fucking further than the company shutting it down, while shows about N-zis winning, and harassment of a ”triumphant" ex-fat person, and post- demonization of a mentally ill person, get promotion and continuation.
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Kaitlin Marie Mar 18
u hear bout the
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ArtziShalom Mar 21
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At least we can all agree on something....
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Itzel Mar 19
Keem: “did you sext 14 year old girls, YES OR NO” Romeo: “umMmmM hErEs thE tHinG...” That Romeo Lacoste interview by was painful to watch.
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RikkiTyme89.9 Mar 13
And YES they did adopt her Why you tryn to cape for the
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Blake Darkman 1h
It’s ok did you not see him challenging this little skinny girl? Bitches like him would run a mile from any confrontation with a man, this loser better not come near any school or he’s definitely gonna get dealt to that gross
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