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Miranda Mar 16
Today I was three Toyota Siennas deep at a Costco gas station.
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Here's the Future 2 May 18
Wait...Tupperware parties are still a thing?
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Maggie Padek May 3
Happiness is having someone else clean your home for you
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🤘Dr. Paul J. Maginn🤘 Aug 21
have been trying to stop the of for decades. But it seems that the may have achieved that goal if this piece by is any measure of things.
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Dan Ryan 23 Apr 17
Replying to @SounderBruce
. Bellevue was nowhere close to competitive for offices in 1978, even if it was near the peak of suburban flight.
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Christine E. Lewis Aug 20
Replying to @thesusan
Oh but they go in the washing machine!!! And are made from recycled plastics! And as plastic shoes go they are not crocs!
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Patrick Stenbacka 14 Mar 13
Fler än någonsin bor i staden New York. För första gången på 60 år är det fler som flyttar in än som flyttar ut. Har varit?
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