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Brian Harvey Apr 20
Budget cut a sign that Doug Ford’s contempt for libraries persists via . There is little more to be said. The barbarians are set on destroying our province.
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Brian Harvey 16h
Doug Ford: a premier ‘For the (Rich) People’ via
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Sandra Margret 1h
Healthcare, the environment and education are attacked (the list goes on) to afford beer in corner grocery stores at an estimated cost of 1 billion.
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Daniel Doyle 10h
Agreed, it gets harder everyday for me to also not post to social media my contempt & outrage over & the policies. I am praying does not get elected otherwise we can expect what is happening in to happen wide.
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TruthandTransparency 21h
Replying to @l_stone @VictorFedeli
This is what Fedeli, Ford and Ken Hughes would consider a success: "Albertans are drinking more booze than ever before, the latest data from Statistics Canada reveals." BTW " the highest per capita consumption level is in Alberta". Proud Canadians, eh.
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Seth Wilson 🌬💨 Apr 24
Because none of you has any remaining credibility.
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CK 33m
THIS! Yet, the little guy falls for his schtick. And refuses to see the detrimental outcome of policies. Because “we’re broke” govt’s dont forego a couple of billion in revenue, or make policy choices that cost another $2-4B to budget
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The Ubiquitous J-Man 23h
Half of high school teachers receive surplus notices in finance minister’s riding... via
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TruthandTransparency 24h
Dear please remind Torontonians that this is not just Doug Ford, he can do NOTHING without the full support of his MPPs from across Ontario. Each and every one if them is agreeing and supporting the deadly reckless actions of the ON Con Govt
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Dr. Savita Dhanvantari 2h
has cut tree-planting, flood and forest fire protection, scrapped cap and trade, and are fighting the feds in court over the carbon tax. They are deniers, to our peril.
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CK 53m
Those that can use ISDS clause in trade agreements hold the upper hand
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Aris Babikian 13h
Canada has always taken a principled stand on the recognition of many crimes against humanity, including the Armenian Genocide of 1915. I am proud to be part of government commemorating the 104 Anniversary of the Genocide.
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CK 22h
Replying to @northernck
further processing, healthcare, renewables. These sectors are & will be in high demand. Do we really want to go backwards, w/ heavy investments in oilsands, more tax cuts that lead to poor returns w/ Govt? Just look at ’s 1970’s model. Ont is closed to future
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BlueToryest 3h
OHIP "Out of Country" freeloaders stopped from picking the pockets of taxpayers by Premier .
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TruthandTransparency Apr 23
I hope every reader understands Doug Ford can't do anything without the support of every MPP. This decision, every drop-out, every new addict, & every student in teachers college w debt and no job, is 100% on Fedeli and every con MPP
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Gerry Merchant Apr 19
Philistine Conservative Party of Ontario
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CK Apr 19
Alberta is Alberta. They haven’t woken up to what’s intensifying impact of climate events in regions across Alta. Perhaps you should spend some time with large insurance companies who are more woke than you are, Mr Ashe. As for Ontario, should worry about 2022.
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Matthew P. Apr 23
Replying to @MatthewPeloza
And then suddenly found the once Doug Ford became leader.
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T.H. NOT 4 Council 17h
Replying to @CanadaMoments
This is unconscionable.
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Aris Babikian Apr 23
Love and compassion shall win at the end. Attended vigil at the Scarborough Town Centre for the victims of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka. I wish the victims peace.
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Ottawa Dad Orientem - Easter Worshipper 14h
Replying to @JamesJJRyan
Cuts? The budget is increasing each yr !!
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