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cameron jordan Jul 31
100 mm 100 mm where yo hood at!!!!
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Tim MacMahon May 10
Klay Thompson drills a dagger 3, does the goggles and points right at Warriors owner Joe Lacob.
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#OneDeepForLife 1h
Dak Was Never The Problem Been Tryna Tell People That It Was That Predictable Ass Offense We Was Running Now Kellen Moore Done Opened That Playbook Up And We In Motion....
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Chuck D May 18
⁩ saved Pro Basketball HE should be getting what the owners of the StLouis Spirits are getting in perpetuity.
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Tyler Smith May 15
As this chapter comes to an end, another one begins. Time to work.
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Michael Garcia 2h
New screensaver.. 🙏🏼🧐
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NDC Men's Rugby Aug 15
First day of training!
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Buck City Breaks Aug 8
Last break of the night didn’t suck 😮 1/1 🙌🙌🙌
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Kevin Thomas, Jr. 🇺🇸 Aug 17
What sucks about racing compared to other sports is there is not many feel good stories. No one coming from jr college to becoming a super star so to speak. This guy needs to be paid to be there, not pay to be there.
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Tyler Smith Jun 25
The only easy day was yesterday. Ain’t nothing changed, we still live by it!
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Tom Brady Jun 19
“You don’t own your fitness. You rent it. So you have to pay the man in order to keep your fitness. You don’t just get to rely on past accomplishments.”
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Spider-Jack (MCU Version, not Sony) Aug 2
Poile, in April: Grimaldi, you should get a house in Nashville ;) Also Poile, in July: ....maybe make that Antioch.
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Ellen Clair Lamb Jun 16
Hey , are you aware that it’s Anthony Rendon’s contract year?
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Andre 17h
Replying to @RealSkipBayless
Somebody needs to explain how your man ain’t been paid yet either !!
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FF Keeper Commandos ‼️❌ Jun 22
I’m sure there are some rolled eyes when Michael Thomas suggests he’s worth 22 mill a year 💥 He’s top 5 at his position and a young face of the game is he not worth the same salary as JoeFlacco?!?! 💥🏈🌪
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Robert Ford Jul 3
Just another day in the office . . . Constantly pushing to improve myself in all respects.
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#FireGarPax Jul 31
Replying to @ArrogantDak
Career Earnings: Dak: $2M Goff: $23M Wentz: $39M
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Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor Aug 12
“The reason for the Cowboys being a winning organization, right now, is because of Dak Prescott.” 🏈 —
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Daniel Bredeman Aug 2
Finally got a autograph today!
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Jordan Ewell Sep 14
Replying to @TomHolmoe @gregwrubell
Wish I could have been there.
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