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GE Healthcare 8h
With the population composition changing so dramatically, many doctors across the world are finding ways to adjust their treatment approach for elderly and opting for less invasive procedures
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EBMT Nurses May 23
As come more and more into the ‘real world’ it’s important to remind ourselves of our experience. Read this thoughtful and inspiring patient following
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To help with chronic access educational resources and research, is developing an online registry. The NKF Patient Network is expected to launch globally in 2021.
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Dragon Trader May 23
Busy life as a - intubate patient, ward full of with chronic lifestyle disease especially , lung disease from smoking. This world is very badly damaged.
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24x7esubmission 21h
Deserve To Be Treated With Respect – And Only Proven To Work
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WarehouseFlow Advisr 21h
State's Glenwood institution faces $60,000 fine after disabled injure via
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Langley Dental Care May 17
Say hello to Andrea! Andrea has been a loyal, wonderful patient for 6 years. She has 2 children and loves dogs! 🐶We're so grateful for our awesome !
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Janis Kay Urban 5h
With Millions of Implanted with one would think a would have knowledge of the Complex Complications of a Failed ? Maybe a instead of No one should have to suffer for the rest of their Lives from Mesh!
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Branding Healthcare 15h
Say out your story! Give out your impression and experience to your through . Get exclusive branding service from
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Varawell 1h
Pharmacies are contractually obligated to charge patients the same $ they charge ins. companies. These prices are inflated to compensate for inadequate reimbursements. Varawell Pharmacy that isn't bound by the same obligations and can offer to our
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AppointmentNotify May 20
Replying to @Ali_HHNYC
Feel pitty for many many like your son. Remember the lead time to see your doctor for a *new* appt in NYC as of 2017 was on avg 17 days. Follow ups like yours shud take less lead time.😲 The national avg in 2017 was 24 days. All I can say is 1 month wait is miserable!🙄
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Ovid Therapeutics 15h
Dr. Jonathan Halford is currently in Lyon, France getting ready to present a phase 1b/2a study of OV935 as adjunctive therapy in with developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEE) at the International Epilepsy Colloquium. Be sure to stop by!
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SwIrv May 24
I keep doin what i do, im stayin in my lane.
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Even should know some basic medical termonology. , is this safe? 😂
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CancerGeek May 25
🤔goes back to how I remind all of us that is measured very differently by vs administration
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Physicians for Info May 24
& are bills that remove the doctor-patient relationship & give the State unilateral public health powers. Sign the petition now & share it:
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NDTsocial May 17
Principles and strategies for involving patients in research in chronic kidney disease: report from national workshops
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Gillian Whalley, PhD FASE May 25
Replying to @Cardio_Rhythms
I applaud you. That’s what we need to do... push back so that and are safe.
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Elisha Fleig Yin, PA-C May 21
Replying to @CHLM_org
recognize when we work well together as a team, but they also sense when we don’t succeed
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Shazia Parveen 5h
I’m no but I notice is very excited about the match tomorrow here wishing will keep our informed.
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