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Montague Law PLLC 4m
Patents - Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni: Recent Headlines in the IP World: * Dave Smith: Apple is Exploring an Updated Version of MagSafe, One of Its Best Charging Inventions Ever (Source: Bloomberg) * Jim…
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Bridget Smith 7h
If you’re thinking about patenting in , don’t focus on “blockchain for ...” Focus on what you are you doing to improve the technology itself.
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Robert Harrison 59m
are monopoly rights - and some criticise them for this very reason. Approach from here is interesting - grant free licence to encourage competition and reduce prices for components. The company seems to have been really selective in...
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We Need some new project our professional efficiency for Trade Mark and Patent work. please contact us responsible buyer who's need such work, our mail:
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AUTM 17h
The hinged plastic Easter egg was introduced in 1978 and patented by inventor Donald Weder, who was the first American to pass Thomas Edison in the total number of US held.
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The Daily Patent 6h
I like random . What about you?
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Sheikh it Sheikh it Apr 18
The European Patent Office Does Not Care About the Law, Today’s Management Constantly Attempts to Bypass the Law
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Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊) 2h
Largest Offices Try to Leave Courts in a State of Disarray to Enable the Granting of Fake in the and
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Leopoldo Belda Soriano Apr 13
"Patented Religion" Did you know that "religious" inventions have been patented in all religions?
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Olav M. Underdal Apr 19
"For 15 Hours, He’s in Charge of Wagner’s ‘Ring’" via NYT
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PatentLawBlogs 15h
Other Barks and Bites for Friday, April 19: Qualcomm Stock Soars Following Settlement with Apple, Supreme Court Cert Denials, and Trademark Suit Filings Up in Q1 via IPWatchdog
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Alston & Bird 19h
Congratulations to Chris Lightner, Russell Blaise, Lauren Burrow, Tyler McKendrick, and Nick Tsui on being recognized by the for their leadership.
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Olav M. Underdal 22h
"The Week in Tech: Do You Prefer Free Speech, or a Perfectly Clean Internet?" via NYT
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Alt Legal 14h
Chinese pharmaceutical companies are facing a "reverse patent troll" problem via
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BankOnIP 18h
Got an invention, patent, copyright? We can help you! contact the IP experts at Bank On IP and get your commercialization moving forward with your product.
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PatentRiff 14h
"Precedential Decision on Diligence: ATI Technologies ULC v. Iancu: The Federal Circuit reversed a Trial and Appeal Board (“” or “the Board”) ruling that invalidated three in three separate "
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Montague Law PLLC 21h
Patents - Fooey on the Draft: Iancu v. Brunetti (Supreme Court 2019) [Oral Arg Transcript] In this case, the Federal Circuit held that the prohibition on registering “immoral” or “scandalous” marks is a facial violation…
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is the next revolution in IOT and Blockchain. you already knows about it.
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Marksmen 16h
SCOTUS refuses to hear tribal immunity suit - ?
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MassTech 22h
ICYMI: Yesterday we released the 22nd 'Index of the Innovation Economy.' Discover how the innovation economy is doing compared to other leading tech states in , R&D, investment, & workforce:
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Lawclik 6h
You deserve a right IPR lawyer, Lawclik covers all your legal needs. Lawclik is India's first comprehensive legal service portal. Visit : to know more.
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