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Jesus Tricolor Feb 13
Replying to @_Biel_sccp @tottenhwm
To "tranks" com esse nome.
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robo1983 Feb 14
random tweet
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ana loves leh demais 18h
Replying to @tyIerpolarize
let's see entao
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David-CryptoHunter 11h
Buy Now.. Will be going up next days likely πŸ™ŒπŸΎ . .. just my opinion.. πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜
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Replying to @atiku
nice ad copy, this Papi na real sales man, he used the old theory problem statement + aggitate on the problem + provide solution. razana su baba na.
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Ravi Feb 15
But in we don't have 1HR to click on, it starts with H6.. Little confused how you identified 4 greens & 4 reds with 1H? Sorry I'm still a noob with basic TA skills. Could you please explain your settings in ?
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The Straits Times 6h
Dr : -PPBM collaboration not on the cards
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Nour Helmi 12h
Noob question: so you see that this is trending up, what’s the next step? Buy on pullback? How do you couple the with tha actual trading??
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tio will πŸ˜‰ Feb 15
Replying to @gataloira22
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Malus Dacus Feb 15
Hello TR What should Look for to identify the big impulse move a noob? What TF and what other signals to watch for? Thanks in advance!
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G.T Feb 15
Replying to @AKERMANE3
de pas...the formes of body can be a perfect forme 's from a perfect next step level hi make arfcl intel. et general intel...efect... Never a human is that which look...the realy is difference in realest efect.
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Rodtrader 9h
Replying to @Universiotaria_
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🌾 B4Lily Parental Alienation πŸ‘½ 20h
πŸ“Š Have you and your child ever been victims of Parental Alienation and Emotional Abuse?
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Jim Barbour 7h
Except for my ex who I'd rather still see in the mental hospital or jail as appropriate for permanent damage she does to children via
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ChingasX Feb 15
Replying to @chris40taylor
Well, if you wanted to replicate it you'd have to go back and gather 7 days work of trading from the time you are looking at the Just like the Daily or D1 is representative of 24 hours or trading, regardless of where we are at relevant to the Daily Candle Close.
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Antonio Feb 15
Exactly the way Im trying to deal with . Ability to range any timeframe and any indicator from a to z and vice versa is fantastic. It steepens my learning curve. Thank you !
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Malaysia NooW Feb 16
Tun Dr. Mohamad claimed today that president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had told him that PAS would not support in the by-election.
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@WCEY_Health Feb 14
Roses are red Germs are persistent Need a primary care provider? See a physician assistant!
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Celso Rodrigo Feb 14
Sou da
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Diego #PapaToo 6h
Beautiful words. Unfortunately an even as adult will never understand his/her situation. Or maybe after a long with a specialist? Who knows the ?
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