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andre 5h
just pooped at my girls new place
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Aaron Leming Sep 13
Props for keeping the tweet up but uh, well...
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Rob Ferguson - Listen, Reflect, Understand, Change Sep 16
My wife: Don't forget to take out the trash and recycling. Me: Done. My wife: So quietly? You're never that quiet. Me: Ninja style. My wife: So Chris Farley style.
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shiny and brand new Sep 16
Won an argument the libs
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FlyingNeenjah 22h
They called hacks on me. So I show them skill. 😎
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lewis Sep 15
yeah i bet it was made by a NERD lol
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ɯɹoפ | ¡ʎoɹ Sep 16
Replying to @Roller_Out
Yea but Roy is “out boy”. Is your cringe anime pfp “our boy”? Didn’t think so Case closed
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ĢરίενλɴȻε ɱΘɴκεϓ 🇬🇧 Sep 15
Replying to @doeyes1
Nice to see you sucking it all up.
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paul 🥤 20h
you know who likes balls in their face? read the first word
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𝚂𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚣𝚣𝚘𝚜 𝙿𝚞𝚙𝚙𝚢💜🐶🐾 Sep 17
This! This is literally & actually me!!!! 😈🐶💜
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Prolix Sep 10
this guy left twitter after I destroyed him in an argument
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Chris Sep 17
Just got my flu shot at Costco, which means I'm basically protected against "Covid-19" since it's just a Democrat hoax! NO MORE MASK FOR ME BABY!!!! Take THAT libs!
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Kristen Jean Sep 13
Current Vikings wikipedia page
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☆ Sep 16
Replying to @SASUKEDlES
WELL IN THATVCASE defending ur dads cheating partner
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wear a mask 1h
Haha GOTCHA why don’t ya chew on that one MOSCOW MITCH, that’s right, you’re a HYPOCRITE! BOOM, roasted!!!!
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dalaygiz Sep 16
Lol (“Indar” is also called “Andra”).
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Russ DeCastro Sep 10
Replying to @MarcusSolis7
“Here Comes The Sun”? Get it?... Have you ever a Honda, before, Marcus? I’m just curious.
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Replying to @nikittyz
i already left
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Andrew Sirvis, CFP® Sep 15
Replying to @neutronstar22
On a lighter note, if ur job as a fake multimillionaire and scientist doesn’t work out you can def get a job as a photoshop artist or detective anytime 😂🤣 this is embarrassing. Ur not even putting up a fight
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BlastoiseVeteran 🛡 (bday in 6 days!) 8h
yeah their full name is deez nuts
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