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Moses femi olukeye 7h
Can you imagine this power incorporation bringing bill of 500,000 bill. This nonsense must stop. It is high time make use of meter all round Nigeria.,,,, .
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Ben Milne 22h
It’s not everyday you get a hit tv show respond to your comment on Facebook. Thank you Billions - Looking forward to season 4
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Aween_Tweeting Feb 17
Wow, Salute You. No1 ever talk about Pakistani Labour class. You did it.
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July'sVeryOwn Feb 16
INEC gave us the first ever public holiday on Saturday. ✌🏾
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Slick Rick 1h
If doesn't get a new contract in the next week then are fucking stupid
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Zakkary Zoah 17h
Replying to @siano2020
No. We’ve plenty of candidates who are . I also think (aka ) & won’t relate to a .
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slvrsrfr 18h
Replying to @USACEHQ
Please re-master the audio here. Who produced this? Nevertheless, thank the Corp for reaching out.
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Thâbiśò Pêtěr Cäsh-Kūsh-Kăsh Møbü Feb 16
Terminate What They Look Like & Hide Behind, Mow The Grass... Then Eliminate The Problem As It'll Be Standing Out...
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Kirstie Rutter 🍍🌈 Feb 16
Replying to @KirstieRutter
In 2013 you rated King Ecgbert School Sheffield as Outstanding. Only 2 members of staff ever spoke to me positively about my mental health. I asked and begged for counselling but they told me 'being moody is not a need for a psychiatrist'. This was 2016
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Feeling proud to be part of critical care following the recent CQC report published on friday
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Moeketsi swatja Feb 11
Replying to @Soccerzone4sho
chippa utd might have got the answer in Tinkler
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Belmont Grosvenor 8h
Our corner in nursery is ready and our youngest children are loving it - thanks to all for helping create it! Sensory learning activities have a profound effect on children's learning and development
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DennisPolhill 2h
[W]e just on a few companies. We're focus investors. Warren
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Robert Havens 23h
Replying to @govkristinoem
Advancing agriculture when you are about to the hemp bill.
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Simon Reinhold 4h
Just been followed by I once went on a tasting mission to find the best banger available. After much trial and error for several months I settled on their Middle White sausages, truly ... actually it’s been a while...
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Jason Glazer 20h
Replying to @bestsongiheard
Speaking of To Sir With Love...have you heard Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe’s version?
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أحمد سهيل          #الله_محبة 🖤 9h
Apple Providers Services Thank you شكراً
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Yanga Beauty 4h
With our services , Your brows never have to look messy, unruly or embarrassing! It’s safe It’s precise in definition It lasts long Book an…
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On'ya Way 3h
Did you know 'YaWay offers services in and around Calgary? For more information, check out our today! Give Us A Call at # 1 (587) 600-8890 today!
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Kashan Ramahn 16h
Replying to @Chiney321
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