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Brian Robinson 3h
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Lindiwe Suttle 9h
consistently confirms how big his ego is and how small is “hands” are
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Twenty8Sixty8 Jun 23
A man just came in and sat opposite me in cafe. He has an orange bag, orange coat, orange shirt, orange jeans, orange socks and orange trainers. I really don’t know what to think anymore.
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Txx420 Jun 21
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Mr Obama is more manly than u will ever be
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ncgazette Jun 19
Replying to @AP_Politics @AP
fools and their money are soon parted. As P.T. Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute and the is a circus freak.
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Evan🇺🇸👍 Jun 24
locked up more reporters than any president in history but we are only talking about this stuff now because bad
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Denise Green Jun 17
to burnt tomato! Disillusioned Devil! 👿Donald J. Trump! Worst president ever!!!!
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The offical K B Jun 18
For everyone who has said that this needs to go. If you don’t want to be killed, harass, expelled from this country or individual rights validated, then vote. No more years!!!looking at that crowd,…
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ND RAM Jun 18
Replying to @KG_NYK @chrislhayes
eye every chance they've had. Not a single Democrat has brought forward a counterproposal for securing the border. They're far too preoccupied with making sure can't get a win with their assistance they'd rather spite the country and do nothing.
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Bonny Brazil Jun 20
Replying to @Lawrence
And isn't this what got us to have to pay to Japanese in enterment camps? What has happened to our humanity? Oh that's right, it went as orange as . What does that make us look like separating children from parents. Not keeping records so we can return them all together
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Bonny Brazil Jun 24
Stop and think people. If is impeached, who is next president. People need to realize in some ways Nancy has it right. Vote them out. Criminal charges in place and then hopefully no presidential pardons. Time in jail is better than continued walking free. Grifter 👋 👋
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~~~ ßÌGG †¥MÈ ™~~~ Jun 22
I litterally LOL when the said he knows alot about Nuclear.
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ريمه القحطاني Jun 20
Replying to @MariamZaman
He is a pumpkin...
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Jeff Jun 17
Replying to @atrupar @POTUS
says “it’s up to lawyers”, NO, it’s up to
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BuckTweet Jun 18
Replying to @pawcio2009
Xi has an opportunity. Kim has an opportunity. Time to reset and move on a better footing. Whoever comes after will maintain the SAME policy and they know it.
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shirley aguilera Jun 20
Replying to @Forbes @lisettevoytko
I'm like wtf. They know they can't directly shoot at our sooo they're shooting down taxpayer's million dollars drones. Welp either we need a new PRESIDENT ASAP or retaliation sooner or later.
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Allen'sMom 9h
They're banking $$$$ on it! That's why everyone must do his or her part to help every is onboard to take down **** and don't let go till we
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Bonny Brazil Jun 19
Replying to @funder
And think about it. Like Ford pardoned Nixon, this VP or next republican president will probably pardon cuz they dont want that on their republican record that 1 of theirs went to prison. Winners change the history.
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George Bassen Jun 16
Replying to @robreiner
“My mind can’t escape..” - Yes it can. The real horror is that you’re too weak to acknowledge this, especially on such a special day for your daughter. There’s nothing more ugly than letting the take precedence over the joy of celebrating your own daughters success!
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Vegas_Vampire Jun 18
I thinks it's also why Golden State lost too! So they don't have to spend another year with the
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