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Owen Boswarva 18h
Replying to @AntonioAcunaR
Antonio, I do that pretty much every day. Significant releases and news stories based on open data are the main focus of my Twitter. (I'm not a great believer in metrics but CO seemed more than happy to use the record count on DGU when you were running the platform.)
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Active Southwark 20h
A lack of physical activity is one of Britain’s biggest public health challenges. By joining the open data revolution you will make your physical activity opportunities easier to discover and take part in! For more details, check out
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Open Knowledge Nepal 7h
We are organizing a small award & networking event coming Sunday (21st July 2019) at Hotel Hardik, Bagbazar from 5 PM - 7 PM to hear the journey and experiences of our women fellow. Join us, please register via email - More info:
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Angeles Navarro Rueda 16h
& The City of just published a about the illustrious figures @ the city. With the portal you can filter by and even see their pictures :)
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Chris Leaman Jul 10
Replying to @chrisleaman_
Survey from today shows the beach is relatively wide. Profiles at Narrabeen-Collaroy have been collected for more than 40 years, so go check out our at and see if you can help us and the community understand the !
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Open Science 14h
"If the data has been acquired under public funding, then it should belong to the public once you’ve published. Yes, you worked hard to get it. But the public paid you to do so." — infographic CC-BY
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Maria Aghⓐzⓐriⓐn Jul 12
The CFP for the first ever Philly closes in 2 weeks! Got a workshop idea? Did a great project this year that would make the perfect lightning talk? Have a fantastic panel idea? Submit here!
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Jonathan Manton 23h
Replying to @WIBV @Muziekschatten
First up on a project to digitize sheet music, incorporating linked
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Pieter Morlion 18h
Very nice to visit Open Summer of Code in and get to know the enthusiast teams working on , guided by experts like and - if you want to know all about it, come to the Demo day (Jul 25th):
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Geometric Morphometrics Jul 15
Have you tested this interesting function developed by ?? You can create backtransform morphospaces of your 2D and 3D shape data using free software. The steps and code are available here:
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Mykola Kozyr Jul 9
Working on the next article It's gonna be interesting 🙂
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Scrypta Jul 12
A new case study on the use of and the in the field of scientific The blockchain grants the possibility to share, track and make the data accessible without the possibility of error and corruption.
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Derilinx Jul 15
Ireland's Portal is now available in the Irish language
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Owen Boswarva 19h
Counter-narrative: is doing just fine in the UK. There's more data being published than ever, including plenty of significant releases from government bodies, and stories based on open public data are in the news every day.
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SAP Public Sector Jul 15
Take a peek at how government agencies can utilize IoT capabilities and platforms to drive environmental sustainability
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Open Data Zurich Jul 12
We are delighted that the outstanding application now is online: Find or add infos & pictures about in your city. Based on , , & 👍 cc
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FGI, NLS 22h
Are you interested in solving challenges with ? Develop solutions to identify the best location for a sustainable seaside vacation! Interested? Read more and watch the webinar:
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Aude Charillon 13h
If you're anywhere near Newcastle on Saturday join me City Library for some fun - and some cake! 😉
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Discover our “reuse companies” section: we provide 42 examples of companies and entities that have created novel products using .
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Pieter Colpaert 21h
Replying to @pietercolpaert
We are however no match to Google, that is not contributing this data back as and instead keeps it locked. This was feedback *our* citizens gave! And now only an American company is able to innovate with this. Outrageous.
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